Make prefabinfo great again


Hello this is mostly for @Jascha :slight_smile:

Can we please get the prefabinfo command allowed? I see a lot of players who cannot spawn ships in and being able to immediately check the BP as to why it doesn’t work on HWS (Usually it’s ramps or plants) would be beneficial to those players having the issue.

Just a suggestion - Thanks!

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not sure this is possible, since its a game restricted command. or @RexXxuS?


We can use DI, right? Is there a way to class prefabinfo in with that or is it stuck in the level 3, 6, 9 permission classes?


It is not meant for regular player, hence not allowed.

But maybe we can “whitelist” common “no brainer” commands for Creative Game builder.


Remember to test if the command can be used on other players though. If I for instance correctly guessed the file name of my enemies blueprint, then could I get some prefab info on it? and if so, how useful would it be? :slight_smile:


it is too small but the post above has a screenshot. Look at the very right. It’s only allowed for GameMaster+ to use


It is only your blueprints in your saved blueprint folder.