Make pvp fun again


I notes that pvp is getting less and less we need to start encouraging the new comers to do pvp because thay could be the future of hws . I think we need to start making pvp ship that new people can buy for an cheap price like 200k and we need to be offering the support thay need and want so can we all help the new people and push them towards pvp
this game has potential to be fun in pvp but we need more people i know RED will not split up for more pvp. I think but if thay did it could be fun to fight each other and with new one pvping i think that wad be a lot more fun so if we could all try to help make ship for them to buy for cheap that ant rubbish that wad start doing it more . and any more idea are welcome below


  1. make pvp ship to buy and cheap
  2. red split up so ther is more people to fight new ones in to pvp
  3. maby put a faction limit in so a faction could have x amount of people
    5 . make bases more op
    tell me what you think @everyone
  1. In Season 8 there already was a massive selling of cheap PVP SVs. It did move more players into PVP but it was unnoticable. And those PVP SVs were selling for 20k CR. So i dont think that will help in any way.

  2. Spliting RED faction is out of the question. If we wanted to fight each other it would have been done without suggesting it. We stick together as Pirate roleplay faction. RED is no longer pure PVP faction (as some thinks) in fact it is mix of PVE and PVP players (mostly PVE).

  3. Making faction limit as X amount of members it can have is actually the worst idea. As that was happening before, spliting into smaller factions and it was abused to make more bases on the ground. That is why there is a rule about spliting into smaller factions and abusing it.

  4. Bases are balanced. I do not see what else could be done to make bases more durable. Maybe increase turret damages just a little bit. That way you would need larger amount of players to take down bases, and or longer time to do it.

Primeraly why PVP is no longer fun and is decreasing is because of stabilty issues durring bigger battles or on Planet or in Space.
If you have bigger battle 10 vs 10 on planet, not only playfield stability will go down, but also each player will have massive FPS drop and some will even DCs or have game freeze.
If you have just 2 vs 2 CVs almost all 4 players will have massive drop of FPS and could happen DCs and/or game freeze.

Main point to get more PVP and more fun and more players into it, would be to increase stability in it.


PVP is the best way to learn how to make PVP ships. You make a ship. PVP in it and learn from the battle what needs to be improved and do it again. The type of battle I mean is a battle that you are not ready for, not one that you agree to join like 1v1. You need to be ready to take on 2 to 5 v1. Also not be so upset if you fail. AKA dont’ win the fight. I agree that large PVP battles are subject to the current conditions of the game as stated above. I would also add that you need to have a PC that can handle the battle. Its not all on the game or the server that is being played on. Your PC has something to do with your PVP battle as well. In addition, there have been several battles players could have joined but players did not for join one reason or another. I speak only of my knowledge of events on NA server. I would advise players that want more PVP faction up and “player” up get your self in a ship and go PVP. The best way to make PVP fun again, I think, is to go PVP. Then learn from it, get better , and PVP again. I must say I do not feel that destroying players in a PVP area that show up in generic ships is true PVP. However to those that do go into PVP areas with non-PVP ships, learn from the mistakes that YOU made. Don’t complain the game or player is not fair ect. Do not be afraid to join other players and factions. Most factions help each other and a lot of the players in general in one way or another. Also joining a faction helps getting over the fear of losing the mats you have been working so hard to get. Working with each other, with active players, is the best way to build up mats and lose the fear of what it cost to PVP. Learn the systems that the game has in place for PVP, and the systems that HWS provides. Keep a ship ready to go in your factory. Save that fa:supply for when you are stranded and faced with a fresh start. Use CB:sethome command. Don’t be a jerk to other players when they kill you. They will be more willing to help if you not a jerk, and take defeat well.


thes are good point s how can we make more pvp then any idears ?


There is nothing we can do. Mostly its all about Eleon and server owner. Also as stated by sclossin, players PC. Even though i do not agree with also needs good PC. I had 6 months old PC (i7, 2x8GB ram, 1070Ti) and after this 6 months of lets say playing as HC PVPer, my RAMs burned out and damaged MoBo…

So its not all up to players PC. Mostly it is games foult for using so much CPU and RAM. Even though my PC was well over recommended.

But in all other point completely agree. I sometimes kill players that come with PVE ships into PVP systems. A lot of time i offer a way out, will i spawn small ship to go, or transport, but i offer it. And most of the time response is negative. Like dont want help from their killers or something, some even become rude, some log out… it does not matter.

Some of this points on “what to do” when your killed in PVP system should be advetised in one of those spamming server msgs.
A lot of new comers dont even read tutorials or tips. Especially tips or tutorials before entering PVP. Then when they die, new tickets pop up, raging in discord or on server.

I think to help those new comers, some kind of warning text should pop out when you enter PVP system. To let them know they are not safe, could die and what to do in case if they die…

I dont see how else to help new comers in that way. In way to increase PVP. Well i do think its all about game progress (how it will develop).


SO MABY WE NEED to make a vote to elon with alot of people on the poll to show how inpointen it is to all of us


All in its own time and good faith. Better to develop slow and safe. Then Rush and Crush. :smiley:

Eleon should focus on stability and fixing bugs before pushing new features and new Alpha, as a lot of us speak. But i dont think its up to us, or will they even listen to us about it.

The game is currently very unstable, full of bugs and glitches. That should be their PRIO…


i agree so we will do all we can to get new pvper any way see what the furter hold btw i need a nother sv fight plz :grinning: good night

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If i were totally new and wanted to go and try pvp i would atleast need a decent ship to not get killed instantly, i think we all can agree to that?

HWS (rex jascha) cant do much about the performance of pvp issues exept add maybe more restrictions and i think most of us dont want that so their hands are tied, maybe we can all agree to that too?

Should HWS have a contest to create a “cheap” pvp ready SV? Something that rex could put on hws carage to sale, no alien core, no guns over max etc but something that anyone could buy without paying millions and something they know they can trust that its tested for not to suck. Maybe if its possible to get a full/half full ammo box too when buying (not sure if its possible to spawn ships with ammo in it)

I know people are selling their own creations and sometimes even “stoled” creations but in the end, before you buy it you cant actually know how good it is and how it performs. If we had a contest the winning ship would atleast go thru some testing and have some kind of credibility in the eyes of the new players i would think. And it should not be beauty contest but more of durability/usability contest. No borg cubes allowed tho.

If its a contest, the winning ships designer would recieve a prize so people would take part to the contest and ofcourse the name of the designer should be mentioned somewhere in the ship to give “fame” too to the designer.

In the ship should be even lcd to tell the new owner to do cb:sethome:id, not to get angry if he dont win couse its a game, maybe courage to take help if handed, not to take anything that he is not ready to loose with him etc basic things before he/she wonders to the mysterious worlds of pvp.

But the most important part would be that the new player would know he is buying a good ship and getting value on his hard earned money. Couse most new players wont have a lot of money.


The best PVP happens on its own with no poking or prodding. Although I understand the “buy a ship” idea I think that would set up a false since of what true PVP is like when you fighting in black hole or GG. It is a long process if your intent it to actually take a planet and hold it. If we are just talking small pvp battles then i say use the events that are being spammed in chat. But to think that a small faction or 1 player is going to take and hold a planet in just not a thing that is going to happen. Most PVP players that you will run in to being in a small faction will be players from a big well established PVP faction where the general battle cry is “if its red. Its dead”.

I think it all comes down to choice. Some player think they want to PVP. But soon find out the cost of PVP not only in mats is high, but also on time put in to the server and the amount of contentment it takes to be a PVP’er. For those player its not worth the real cost. In that case i would say do the server event. For other in a larger faction it comes down to number of players and how much time each player can spend on the server. In these cases to faction has to make a choice to just play the game and do occasional PVP battles, or rally the troops and go all in for the long run. Thats were bringing new players into the faction helps. New players are hungry for weath and mats and some want revenge.

Take ABN and RED for example. They are dominating in most part due to there efforts put into the game, and time spent on the servers. Not because the group has more game mechanics then any other faction or player. We all have the same limitations in the game and on the server. As a result they control the major resource areas on the server. As they should given thier current efforts.

Thats why it is important to retain and teach the new players about the game and HWS. If not we run the chance of being the big fat cat that is to lazy to go eat and drink, we will die off and don’t PVP.

This is how we will make PVP fun again. Retaining players and being a great community will push PVP forward and make it fun for veteran players as well as new players. Respond to questions in chat, tell them were to find the information. Incourge them to join a faction, even if its not yours. Put them where the player would be best suited given thier play style, sometimes the best enemy is a player that you respect. I know that for me I respect Oz in game play style both for PVP and PVE. It challenges me and makes me want to be better in PVP and PVE. I have also been killed by him more times then id like to admit to.
If we are all jerks that just want to see everything burn, we will soon get what we want. A burnt up sever full of jerks. Sounds fun yeah…

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thous point are verry good i think it wad be good if rex put a event for new player where thay join and thay join the event chanle in dicord and we talk them thoght it i know when i was first starting i had no idar what i was doing so i had a base 64 km out in hw space
what do you guy think of an event for that ?


I think there is already too much PVP events. Those spamming msgs are becoming very annoying. Its spamming also faction chat not only global. But adding more events as PVP event, i dont see why. There is all kind of events already to train and test how PVP feels like. For the newcomer.
There is SVs 1v1, HVs 1v1, CVs 1v1, and once there was capture base on Homeworld. Maybe it will come back in redisigned mode. Also there is FPS event, and i am pretty sure there will be planty more events coming in A9.x…


i do agre with the chat being spamed with stuff


I know, unfortunately the limit of the current chat system.
But I think I said it get reworked!? :wink:

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Can someone please test something for me?

Can you tell me how long it takes to craft

  • 100 RCS t2
  • 100 thruster L (CV)
  • 100 generator t1

Ideally also say how much credits worth each stack is in terms of credits?
Thanks! :slight_smile:


It was only my opinion. I dont think it needs to be reworked or remove those event announcements. I dont use VOIP in discord or discord in general when playing Empy dou to both high usage of CPU and GPU…

RCS T2 - 12.5 Min
Thruster L (CV) - 12.5 Min
Large Generator T1 - 50 Min

Idk how much it would cost :grimacing:

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when are the gg anoment comeing


Too many variables. Are we starting from ore or ingots or components? Starting from all ore it’s going to take much longer.


Just the template x100 :wink:


I already found cost. No reason for you to waste time :slight_smile: