Make resources rare again

I’m remember this old times when all go to Black Hole to mine erestrum, zascosium, … .
I think is too much expensive resources on pve.

I agree, there is very little benefit to patrolling GG. I frequently patrol GG, BH, HW, (especially HW orbit) and a few other places, but I never find anyone. I found someone in Walla the other day, but I was flying an SV because I patrol planets and space when I do. We had a fun fight. I have found a few players flying around, but usually they are allies. I don’t want this to become a supergate camping game. I suggest two white clouds in BH space with lots of asteroids, and possible even more resources per asteroid, but with a longer time to mine out the whole thing.

just need a reduce rare resources on pve

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I fully agree with this and is something I mentioned earlier this season as well.


Yeah i’v mentioned that plenty of times before but it hasn’t been followed. Rexx? :smiley:

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Common resources should be common, Rare resources should be rare. There should be a mix of all resources in both PvE and PvP though, but Rare should be Rare.

With the release of HWS 10.X I tried to tackle this topic/suggestion a lot.
As some recognized already: the Homeworld System has all of the good stuff on planets now.

For an “up to date” feedback please make a new topic.

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