-*Manticore Alliance*- Recruiting dedicated players

We are looking for dedicated players that want to build something together.
First, we will start our permanent alliance home base that can be used for all our members of the alliance.
And after that, we will expand to some other locations and outposts.

Creating a pvp viable fleet to make our first move to attempt to gain territory.
But first, we need a solid foundation before doing anything else.

Our requirements:

18 years or older.
A microphone.
You must be a team player and willing to work hard to archive something.
Speak English.

If you don’t have any of that then please don’t bother.

If you are willing to join and have the requirements then please contact me on the forums and we will get in touch on discord.

three man strong now, we are still recruiting.


which server you guys play on EU or NA ?