Market addition suggestion

So after i play around and shoping around the market for a while i realize that it lack a few function.
first is the bidding function. (well you bid till time up and it sold it take a while to get the item but Bidding: you can sell the item for higher price… however it backfire if you sell dumb stuff)
Buyout: so with bidding there could be a buyout price so someone dont want to wait the full 15 day for a discount decide to just buy it
Counter offer: this actually the reason i want to make this post. the price on the market is good but i would like to send a offer on the price change maybe cheaper and if the seller agree it a deal !
fell free to send more suggestion.
oh npc should have more stock… so i dont have to hold on to trash for long i mean i get rifle t2 and had no where to dump it !

This scheme works in a circle where there are no fools, otherwise you will be inundated with offers, I will buy it for one loan.

sound fine but it can be sort and limited like the higher the offer the higher chance to be agree. also if you offer the bought price then why would you need to counter offer!
said there 100 offer but only like 10 offer can be retain so the highest offer of the 100 will be retain also each person can only give one offer instead of many on 1 item
also to offer there will be deposit if the seller agree your deposit will be consume (kinda like delay buy) so ppl cant go and spam it cause it actually take their money hostage.