Marketplace and Elemental Bank zones closest to the start of the game

I am new to the HWS community. I’ve come across a question that I can’t find an answer to. Where are the nearest Marketplace and Elemental Bank zones at the start of the game?

welcome to the mayhem! if ur referring to the RE servers, the “official” place that has all zones is a POI called EGS HQ on ECC Planet in Homeworld PvE System.

any other zones are hosted by players. global chat in game and hws discord are the best ways to find those.

same for the HWS+ servers with the exception of OCD zones being on starter planets.

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In the galaxy map search for “Homeworld”, this is the sector you are looking for. It contains the ECC headquarter, where you can do everything. It is 2 warp jumps from your starter system.

Good luck. If you are stuck just ask in the global chat, players are friendly and will help you.

I have no idea, why they are friendly now. Two years ago they were shooting my butt off every 3 seconds after entering a PVP zone :slight_smile:

PvE communities tend to be a bit more helpful than the “git gud nub” ideals of most PvP groups.