Hello there I’m a admin on my friends hosted server and was wanting to know how to get the Master /Slave Working So I can Run EAH on my computer instead of having to log into the Remote Desktop in order to use His EAH on his computer? Thanks in advance


this post should help: Empyrion Admin Helper, Rootserver Connect HELP Pleace | Empyrion – Galactic Survival - Community Forums

If there are any more questions feel free to ask.

Thank you for your reply, I’ve watched a couple videos on your tool and everyone Skips over the Master/slave part. Reason for wanting to do it this way though is There are Two Admins and the owner who Remote into One computer to use EAH. Last night I said to the admin and this is why we need to run it on our own computers, he forgot to change his name as the admin in EAH and tried warping to me but just warped me to my self which I was busy doing something. And also having that other admin logged into the Remote Service Lags me and the owner out bad so it would be better for that also.

Yeah thats true. The master slave helps there a lot. Just let me know if you dont get further or encounter issues.

If you have the possibility to run the slave under a different user on the server, this allows your admins to have the full control over the tool. Because remote slaves of course lack some functions that are connected to files on the server, like restoring structures etc.

I gave the link to the forum you linked to me to the owner whos hosting the server from his computer but he’s at work, I just woke up so not doing anything yet LOL Just my opinion but it would be great if you did a video on how to set it up the Master / Slave part If you don’t know what program to use to record with hit me up, I stream on twitch and do recordings on Youtube