Matt's Guide for Big Factions to not have stuff go poof

So there has been a lot of disgruntled players recently, myself one very loud case. By now we all know that the delete timer was cut from 15-7 days, and that the concept of “visiting” out ships was not at all what we had thought it was up til this point.
So I wanted to share with everyone the system that LoT will be using from here on out to prevent disappearing ships. Hopefully it helps someone.
Step 1: Only factioned ships. Every single member of a faction should have access to every single ship. This is so that if the owner of the private ship is away, factionmates can come visit it so it doesnt get lonely.
Step 2: On Mondays, Every faction member should go around to each and every ship they can find, and jump into it. Bounce around on it. Turn it on and off with y. Then paint the foremost block on the ship red. For the rest of the weekdays, if someone finds a ship that does NOT have a red nose, they perform the aforementioned bouncing procedure, and paint it.
Step 3: On Fridays, Every faction member finds ever ship that has red on its nose, and bounces around on it, and turns it off then on with y. Then paints the nose blue. From that point on, anyone who sees a red nosed ship knows that it has not been visited yet.

Yes it sounds goofy. But it may well be our only option, because trying to remember what ships you stepped on and when is a nightmare, and we cannot trust at the moment that a ship that rendered for us today will be here tomorrow.


You could use an LCD screen in your main base that lists each structure and records date of last visit/activation

Lol ya… That doesnt work as well as you might think when you have atleast 50 vehicles. Thought about it, with a screen on each ship instead, but when you have small utility sv’s all over the place it makes it into a LOT of work

Nice idea Matt :slight_smile: I dont have this issue since it’s pretty much just me and recycled some old svs I won’t be using, but think the red/blue nose will work well, LCDs would add more time as it would need to reside at a base or cv and abit of a pain having to go from say elemental to trader just to edit an LCD lol

There must be some kind of bug because ships I was using daily have gone poof. I was crafting daily with my factory CV, moving my SVs, docking, undocking, always going inside cockpit of ALL vessels, next day poof, check structure logs, none listed. Take a screenshot of all your ships with their IDs and structure logs to prove they existed.

Ya that does no good. I have screenshots of over 70 ships in my structure commander having been deleted since this change. There will be no action taken to restore them, and the backups only go back two days. It is on us to work around this to keep our stuff. I have had plenty of ships I see and work with daily go poof before we knew for sure about the jumping on thing being the definition of visited. I even had two sv’s that were docked INSIDE a ship used every day, time out from “not being visited”.

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Funny I just keep most my stuff private and make sure to touch everything on either Sat or Sun. I just flip power and toggle p menu, haven’t had a problem yet.

FYI the despawn timer is now 9 days. I asked Jascha to add a column called ‘time to expire’ in structure commander, hopefully he does this soon :smile:

Ya the 9 days is actually way better, keeps the weekly paranoia at bay. Its suprising what a difference 2 days can make at that scale when you are dealing with idle timers. This will allow us to just choose a new color each week, and have two days left over to spot ships of wrong color.