Max number of Faction CV ships out side of Starter

Hello Everyone

I need some help to understand the MAX limits of BA, CV, SV and HV.
The forms does explains some if it but I am not seeing the full picture.

I need to know this because of the private CVs shooting each other in my faction.

No. This is to prevent large factions from living inside the pve starter system.

Does this mean no limit out side starter areas?

Correct. Only other limits on cv’s in the server are one at a time in elemental market, and none on armageddon. There are taxes though on Homeworld, Elemental Market, and Lucifer, so do keep an eye on that.

Thanks man

Also only 7 BA per faction i think.

yes sorry forgot about that. Only 7 bases factioned on the entire server. And 7 private per person.