MDK Clan base draining/Griefing 10/2/2016

-=MDK=- TNalac

Location: Jupiter

MDK clan continued to respawn near ILL base to drain ammo after being killed in action. ILL and MDK engaged in combat on jupiter. ILL disabled all ships of MDK, after which MDK continued to spawn near base to drain ammo.
they were asked multi-times to please stop base draining as they were not spawning in ships nor did they have any further resources to continue a assault on the base in a fashion beyond griefing.

Do you have more evidences like a video or screenshots like the rules state?

Serve restarted unable to take a pic of their sv/CV destroyed outside our base but here is the intruder log showing the constant spawning in.

unable to put pic in due to new user any way to get around this?

Seeing the Intruder log:
Leaf died 67 times during this attack
TNalac 56 times

I don’t think an attack should be tried so hard.

Please practice some attack strategies in the Elemental Prison for some hours @Leaf & @TNalac.

Great topic, and glad to see some enforcement. If you have a minute, please take a look at my Intruder log as well RexXuS, you will see what appears to be a ridiculous ammo dump on my base about and hour or two ago. It led to the downfall of the 3 bases, due to running out of ammo.


can you be more precise who and when?
You also (best) can send me your intruder log screenshot with your issue.