Meging 2 Alliance factions


we wanna merge 2 alliance faction togather.
My question is:

  1. is it possible without loosing all RP?
  2. is it possible for you to just change our tags and merge us with them with our property?

6 members from ESA wanna join RBA faction and also transfer faction property
sTv, Kiki, lord, in4n, VojakSR-CR, WetWak with Faction Property ID: 10806010, 763001, 6579040, 5974005, 6521001, 3941012, 9853247


In this instance we will re-allocate you RP as it is a merger for a large number of people. You will all have to leave and apply yourselves, change all structures manually over yourselves and then to the new faction.

We will sort out the RP but the rest is your job :wink:


ok ,thanks for info budd