Memory usage on slave

Hello. I’m currently using EAH for admin duties. I notice when I click the button ‘Who’s on’, I can see memory usage upto my physical limit at which time the EAH will crash, or my machine will crash, or my cat will cough up a hairball. I was able to add memory to the machine, but I fear the there will come a time when my cat has no more hair. Please advise.


how much memory do you have, or is EAH using and… roughly how many structures do you have (see folders in the Savegame/Shared folder of Empyrion?

Sorry not to have a better answer for you. My local structures file is 1 gig in size. The VM has 22 gb of memory dedicated. We have several hundred players registered. SDG. At some point everything settles down and the memory drops. It’s that point of processing where things get out of hand. Thanks.

hm difficult to say. Make sure to turn of detailed/structure logs etc in the debug section of the config. Even though they should not take much memory. I can only imagine its the structures, or that EAH is overloaded because it cant process all data and its just lining up.
If you want you could send me the EAH logs from one day via PM maybe pointing to a time when this happend.