Meteorites not falling

No meteorites are falling on golden globe and homeworld for awhile now wondering if this is normal or if just bugged out.


They fall no matter how deposits are mined out. Sometimes faster sometimes slower. Depends how many people are on the planet.
It isn’t supposed to rain meteorites though.

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Ok thanks.

Was on GG planet an hour + myself today and another faction member were there before me as well after the 17:00? utc restart. No meteors of any kind at any times!

Was on homeworld about 2-3 hours ago and there was meteors, few hours before that when I just got on there was no meteors falling or on surface but i’m guessing from Rex’s answer that would be because no one was on the planet before me to start the meteors maybe if I waited an hour they would start falling again maybe they only start if there is 2 or more people I’m not sure.

Rex i often disagree with my colleagues here, but there are really too few gold meteroids on homeworld and golden globe.

Was testing that now for a few days (my exploiter size 2 TIE-Goliath is still on homeworld untouched since 2 days, can someone please remove it :-)) You can easily identify my stuff, it is always Galactic Empire )

There was really not a single meteroid coming down neither on Golden Globe or Homeworld for two hours. Then a few cam down, but my whole booty for 2 days was about 400.000 credits (you remember that i have no understanding how someone can have >20 million credits with using regular means of gold income generation).

Because no meteroids were falling i even tried all of the Homewords POI to avoid death by boredom :blush: (see my other post concerning that).

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