Mid-Game Economy Guide Discussion

@RexXxuS Maybe add this to the guide?

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This is great guide for a starter!

Economy of HWS is one of the most interesting I’ve experienced & playing the economy for massive gain is very, very interesting way to play the game.

But in order to play the economy, we all need to get to that point somehow & your guide will definitely make the journey faster to many new players!

Definitely sticky this

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Thanks! That’s good to hear its somewhat in the right direction.

A bigger “middle class” is always good for an economy! :grin:

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Moved + inserted a TOC.
This should be used for discussion here :slight_smile:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thank you!

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  • Say in global chat how much more superior your home server is than the one you’re currently in. <3 <3

Really nice work there David :slight_smile:

ps: you can also convert rp to hws igots to use as donations :slight_smile:

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I thought about mentioning that but for the point a reader who would find this useful is at they don’t have enough RP to do that in a way that would matter for them.

RP is quite easy to get actually. Anyone can get at least a 1000 RP in a season.

Yeah but most of the purchases are for 50 ingots range. 50k RP isn’t something most people at this stage will have.

2.4a Upgrading the Bank without losing Interest Income

Upgrading your bank level should be done only when you have enough money on hand to 1. Pay for the upgrade and 2. Make atleast same amount of interest at the NEXT level.

Max not really required, same amount or more than before makes you cumulate more faster.

Yeah I specifically mentioned that…