Mine deposits and bases

I suggest that the admins explore the possibility of expanding the no build radius around the deposit sites on the planets, such that we no one may build within the radius of the deposits that you are not able to deploy your drone from. I got stuck in a deep hole, without the ability to deploy my drone. This resulted in my death, without the ability to secure my bag, as a player built a base near to to the deposit. This should also help to reduce the total number of bases on a planet, as you leave fewer places suitable to deploy a base.

It is already set to 100 meter.
On what planet did it happen? Coordinates?

Lets say I wanted to build close to an area I’m not allowed to build… if I get as close as I can to the area as the game will allow me to spawn my drone… then spawn the base with my drone, I think you can spawn the base closer to the blocked area than if you just tried to spawn the base by foot. Haven’t really tried it though so I could be making that up.

Negative, Blueprint bounds are calculated on the fly. It is this that checks to see if it can be spawned. Nothing keeps you from going there. You CAN however place at the outskirts, and in some instances build modular closer to the obstruction. But never completely over the top of it, Even if it is in range.

Ah ok. So maybe we need to consider that extra distance? If someone is prevented from spawning 100m around the area but can then add blocks X meters closer… if X is so large that it’s a problem then maybe the restriction should be changed to 100 + X?

Then the problem is you have few places left on the planet that can be built upon. lol. Particularly on planets with a large number of deposits, such as starter planets.

All you really need is to seperate the no dig distance and the no build. Currently both are a finite distance from original center of structure. If we had no digging underneath, or 5 meters from actual structure, but no build etc at the distance it is now, the OP would have been able to dig his way out. Though he could have just either blasted his way in, or taken an sv…

It happened in a silicon deposit (I don’t remember which, and have since closed the surface of it so no one else falls into it) on JU, I have since escaped by drilling my way out. I figured I would simply let you all know that there is an issue with the deposits and people’s bases. It is an annoyance more than anything, and I blame the game makers for disallowing the use of the drones in bases and POI’s.

The silicon mine is located at -1157 by -56 on planet JU.

There are other deposits as well, and I could not close the silicon mine completely because of the location of the base. I hope this helps you in the future.

Found another mine in which a near by base is precluding the use of drones at

Cobalt -71 by -30 on Ju
Silicon -666 by -635

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