Mining Etiquette

Ok so while on armageddon, I have realized that a lot of people out there dont understand the basic mechanics of how mining works on empyrion. So rather than continuin to say it on global, and people taking it as me trying to say that all the resources are mine, I decided to throw this up and hope it helps someone.

  1. Meteorites fall at a regular pace, until a max number of meteorites is reached on a planet. This starts the moment a deposit is gone, or enough deposits are gone. Mining more deposits does not increase frequency or max number of overall meteorites
  2. Once meteorites are falling, mining any additional deposits will cause meteorites of that type to enter the rotation. Again, this doesnt mean more will drop, it means less of type a will drop, and more of type b will drop.
    So for example if you have only gold meteorites dropping, we’ll say one person can fine 10 meteorites in half an hour. Those ten will be gold, as long as no one else mines another deposit. If more people come out, and mine them faster, the meteorites will drop faster to an extent. But the moment someone then mines an iron meteorite, about half of those same meteorite drops, will now be half iron, and half gold. Or if we hit the situation from yesterday for exmple, when literally every deposit was mined out within one day, less than 20% of the meteorites that drop will be gold. To all those that say oh just shoot the meteorites you dont want, just think, you could be mining them, because its JUST GOLD.
    And for those really in need of sathium or anything of the sort, we will gladly lend you autominers to place on the deposits around the planet to get more than you could have mined by mining out said deposits, in a few hours. But if you mine them out, no one can place autominers either.
    Its simple math here guys. Mining other things hurts everyone.

Great article! Mcprouty, I do not disagree to “troll” as is your immediate go to. HWS is Intended to be a Hard PVP server with a PVE reward. By making the only highly contested resource (gold) available on the PVE rotation Rex has inadvertently caused a massive reduction in HWS’s pvp content. I have lost several players over it now.

I’ve tried causing rivalries. I’ve pleaded with Rex. There is nothing more that can be done.

Your funding of single players to crank the core count and make the ally faction tower circle is a great idea but it goes against the spirit of what the world was intended. Your followers get a good stream i guess.

Last night during prime time there were Zero pvp factions on other then OP4, NUT, and WKN oh and Ranzeth. I Watched the head count and as soon as Armageddon flipped to PVE server pop jumped up by 12 all talking about what they were starting up there today.

I’ve seen you pvp so I know you have it in you. The fight on Iceworld was a little Chaotic for WKN a huge tax on our resources at the time but it was a great fight!

Right now others are looking at LoT and it’s paid security force of guardians for direction it and you’re saying PVE.

You outnumber the other factions so I guess I honestly would like to know your end game. @RexXxuS still has time to open a PVE NA server for you if that is the goal.

We do no want pve. Our current goal is to try and reach ridiculous goal of 70 million credits to get an ocd lvl 6 up, so that we can store epics and am’s for customers.
We are traders. We have always been traders, and we will always play as traders. That does not mean we live in pve, but rather that we seek the wealth and fame that the universe has to offer. Along the way, we will do as necessary to gain profit, while protecting other traders.
From that standpoint, no one can argue that us setting up a base on armageddon and inviting traders who want the chance to pvp, while also getting gold under the protection of other players is anything but following the roleplaying guidelines of our origin. If we wanted pve gold, we would have been on lucifer on weekends. But there is a reason you did not see us there. I have a bit of a purist view on methodology and ethics, and the free gold was not in keeping with the idea of the server, that everything you get, you worked for, or bought with money you worked for. It was not bad enough to complain about, and I would not ruin it for others, but there it is. So that being said, it should be clear that my goal is to bring together a sense of community among traders, often the pvp-squishiest of factions, and allow them to poke their heads out into the big wide world of the server, and perhaps partake in some pvp. Anyone who legitimately enjoys pvp will tell you that having a hard target in an area will not DISCOURAGE pvp, rather it should motivate you to actually come out and try and take it. Band together. Bring friends. Make alliances. Spend resources on making bigger and better war machines. If you for some reason have decided that I am an enemy, I will not hold it against you or anyone else. What I dislike is people bringing needless drama into the server, and making it into a toxic environment. For the most part up until 5.0, from what I have seen there was plenty of pvp, but not really the active global spamming and character assaults that you see recently. There is no need for that. We are all here to play a game, and enjoy it in a friendly, rp community.

Now about your specific accusations here:

The idea here is that these people seeking gold, will come and set up a base to try and defend during the pvp times. The reason it is not 24 hr pvp is the exact reason you do not see long standing bases on most pvp planets: offline raiding. To hold a planet base against attackers, you HAVE to have people online. A base without players cannot stand. Kudos to op4 and now wkn joining the fight for some reason for gathering up enough people to sit around on ice 24/7 and defend. that’s great. But the rest of the factions are more likely to only be on a max of 8 hours in a day. That means that the next day they come back, and their stuff is gone, and they likely leave pvp, and head to deep space, or servers with op. The alternative here is that they defend for half the day and as a bonus, get the gold from the planet for as long as they hang around. Once it goes pvp, they can stay and defend their base and processors, and possibly get some more gold in slow times. Tell me how that reduces pvp content, please. Prime time hours on NA are all pvp on armageddon, so this point is moot. If you are losing players, perhaps it is an internal issue, rather than some sort of imbalance. Maybe go out and do some things other thank sitting around and spreading drama… but thats not a discussion for this thread.

First off, I havent paid a cent to a single player to come and live in this valley. It is 5 factions that we have dealt with on previous occasions. They are not new, created for this purpose, or bribed. They came out for the pvp, mutual protection when they couldnt be on, and the gold. And we have a very low core count, surprisingly. Only LoT maintains anywhere near the max for hv’s or sv’s.
As for me “followers”, I dont stream for other recognition. I do it cause someone mentioned they find some of the banter in the background of my videos amusing. I do not base in game decisions off of streaming or not, other than to pause the stream on occasion while entering a code.
About it not being what is intended, how?! How is us fighting in sv’s and hv’s, actively patrolling, fighting constant waves of people with grudges against me dropping from the heavens not in the original intent of this sv pvp planet? If you think it prevents base assault, it is only because you are allowing yourselves to be intimidated by the base. Nothing is inivincible. And I know yall know this, because the last 4 days or so about 9 hours into the pvp session, and 2 hours before the swap back, after most pvp players have wen to bed, wkn op4 and “LoL” roll in and try some sort of trolly technique like plopping a cv on the no cv planet in front of their base, and allowing hws to take posession of is, just to soak up some shots. We dont report, because we dont care. Drama is not what we are here for.

What other pvp factions are you aware of? honestly here: I dont meander the galaxy, or take too much notice of who fights who. But what specifically pvp factions can you think of that werent online? Oh and did I mention that armageddon crashed horrifically last night, and most of the players on it were trapped there and unable to login? Might account for some missing in your headcount.

How exactly are we saying this? by fighting in pvp more frequently than we ever have? by inviting traders and guardians to come out and join us in the combat?
Oh and paid guardians? In case you forgot two things, Ill repeat, I didnt pay a cent to any faction on the planet to come fight for us. Oh and guardians arent the ones who are supposed to take contracts for pvp. That’s supposed to be hunters. But recently all I see of that origin is internal bullying to join in the fight against me, and pirating unwitting people. I havent heard of any hunter faction filling a contract in weeks.

I dont want to. I am not actively recruiting anyone, unlike many of the factions on here. And honestly about 40% of our faction has been offline for several weeks. but without a way to kick someone when they are offline, they remain in the count.
As for my end game, it is the same as I have said multiple times. we are going for gold. To get ocd 6. Thats literally it. The rest of the stuff we do is just shenanigans to keep my members entertained.

But I am confused here, why post all this in a thread about mining? Not a single bit of it was relevant to my original post, other than it being about armageddon.


On a side note, good post about meteor mining, maybe if everyone read this it could have a more lasting effect on the end game.
I would only argue that deposit mining is a, “tactical” strategy in order to mess up other player’s income. Other than that enjoyed the read!



Sorry for the delayed response. I got to hang out with Terry Brooks and a great day at ECC (Emerald City Comicon).

As to the paid forces, hired factions, etc… This is just information I am getting from allies that have been approached or recruited. Gold is not the only form of payment.

The reason it is posted in this thread is as @Zed-Nate25 states above. The number one tactic for people that turtle up on arma is to take it to PVE. Mine all the deposits and shoot the meteors which is an approved and encouraged tactic by Rex.

Freelancers are free to fill roles as needed. Right now the pirates aren’t playing so the guardians were filling that role. WKN stepped in and played Guardian. Now there are no , to use the literary term, antagonists, to stimulate conflict so we are pushing that role.

Honestly I prefer playing the good guy but if there is a void there will never be conflict and without conflict there is no pvp.

I appreciate the attack tonight of Ice. Poor Flux had to 1v6 for quite sometime as you hit when he was the only on. I really am sad I missed it. I’ll have to catch the stream.