Minor HWS Garage ship change \ Multi-turrets

I do have 2 requests if they are feasible, both minor in nature but would help in a few areas:

I was checking out the new garage ships that are very nicely displayed at the EGS Garage on ECC, but noticed quite a few of them have their weapons turned off, so its a bit more difficult looking at the ships without being able to visually see what all weapons are offered. Any chance we can get the guns to be enabled (so they aren’t retracted)?

Other thing, relatively minor, but I am at nature a scrapping fool. LOVING the speed of the T2 Multi tool! Saves me so much time its ridiculous! So can the speed and power of the Multi-turrets be set to match the T2 Multi tool?

Other than that so far I am liking the new universe! Good job guys!


Speaking of multitool you can use it to see what the turret/weapon is when they are retracted :wink:
but would be really nice to check out the new ships when the showroom is opened