Missing auxiliary core

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

A member of my faction built a auxiliary core and it just didn’t come to container
Player(s) with issue? *(Brunobodelisco)

Server? *(RE NA)

When did it happen? *10 May, 6pm

System: Haureduna, moon ACHO 13338 II

I would like to have the core pls

we have no track of that and without a video it’s just loss.

However, if it’s a critical game loss for you, you can claim an one-time blind faith restore. Let me know if you want to claim that for your aux core.

Yes, please, because this took several hours to do, it was the second core we made and it’s not fair for it to just disappear, I don’t like facilities in games, but in this case I think my claim is fair.

Alright, gave you the Aux Core now in your backpack.

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