Missing items bought at ECC marketplace

hi there,
yesterday i warped on NA server from EU server . landed on ECC and bought 7 stacks of prometeium ore, price 17500 from dexter168. time was around 4 AM europ time (GMT+1)
Sadly i was able to collect only 1 order in pending page (but the money were charged from my credit account)

i waited 15 minutes but nothig changed.

tried to find a log of the transaction but i have no sight of anything in general, could u help me please?

rex will get to you in time sorry for delay but hes ratrher bissy with server issues at moment please be patient

sure, just i dont understood what went wrong

did you pick up the items withing 30min of perching the items?

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Hi Doge, you didn’t Answer Andrea’s question and unfortunately too much time has passed for us to check it out now … sorry mate.

Hello @Doge

let me write it here instead of 3 different media channels.

First of all sorry for the long wait. As you know I am really busy recently with HWS and real life and mostly checking tickets and if I see a question mark I wait until everything is sorted.
But I guess you ignored andrea because she was not referring to your 15 min bug / problem…

Anyways about that matter: as written in the game: we don’t have any control over the ingame market. Not via API or other file hacks. So everything player do or lost with it is basically done behind the scene.

We have only some more or less known stuff like the 30 minute to pick up your stuff to help players.

So this would result in a total trust thing.
I know you helped a lot of people so as far and as far as I know Dee helped you already. Because we trust you.
But same as it was for backpacks a while ago: we can’t help in such cases. We are just blind (and recommend to use our marketplace of course :wink: )

Last but not least I hope your anger and miscommunication does not result you in the future to post such stuff

|shortbread|Is this a decent server to start out in?
|Doge|no way.|

Doge|not at all if i am an admin i0ll answer faster|
Doge|open a ticket, if u are luck they0ll read it after 2 weeks|

Because we didn’t deserve it.