Missing Rewards

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Did not receive rewards for voting, or my loot for daily login
Player(s) with issue: Shojis
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Aprox: 1am server time?
Playfield: N/A
Structure Name(s): N/A
Structure ID(s): N/A
How can we help you now: Grant the rewards and squash the bug! :slight_smile:

Editing: Cause I logged into EU to see if I would get my voting rewards, which I did, But oddly enough the daily login rewards arrived there. Any idea why?

Alright, took me another while to figure it out in your case again.

Checking the data I got at least it seems you were not logged in while claiming the reward. Furthermore ignoring this little but crucial information

You stack not only that but also daily loot within one push cycle.
That is why the transfer messed up.
It isn’t that “forgivable” yet.

I can’t fix your wrong clicked daily loot button but gave you the vote reward. I think I found the bigger issue in my code.

Sorry for being such a headache Rex. I’ll have to be more careful when doing that, thinking the different timezones screws me up. Thought I was logged in each time I’ll definitely pay more attention today when I log in.

Thanks for your help.

No worry. I found some issues in my code and please report back next time if it didn’t work.
Just keep in mind my comment here too:

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