Missing Ship in orbit

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Ship missing. Was Stealthed less than 4 days
Player(s) with issue: Uncle Freddy
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 2:54PM CST
Playfield: Son G
Structure Name(s): BlackJack
Structure ID(s): ?
How can we help you now: Please I would like to get it back


the only ship witch can be found with that name belongs to another player and was created by that player.
I think you got the wrong ship.

TheBlackJack, maybe, I know that’s what I named it. The server won’t allow me to stealth another private CV. I assume it’s because of this ship.

Nope, these are the only ones. Not belonging to your faction at all


Well, could you help me then figure out why I can’t stealth a private cv. it says I can’t because I already have another ship stealthed. The only one was that ship, blackjack.

Oh, now my MetalEater is gone from Peacekeeper West too. Now this is the second time. Wow what gives.


what happens if you click on EGS Stealth HWS Connect?? What do you see?

Seems it’s a virus going around your faction.

See here for reference and further solution

  1. I didn’t check the egs connect stealth. I thought the ship would still show on the list in structure command. Lesson learned. I wasn’t aware you have to sit in the seat every 4 days? Another lesson learned. Sorry guys still learning, but having fun. Sadly work week can burn up days. I will ask my boss to let me to work less than 4 days, lol fat chance. Maybe when the AI takes over my job. Once again, thanks guys.


Stealth basically removes your structure. That is the reason I coded EGS Stealth in HWS Connect.

Hm? For the touch thing? For that you need to sit before the 9th day in it. After 9 days untouched stuff is gone. So every saturday / sunday is fine… if you are not working on that days.
Definitely talk to your boss then. Maybe he gets a welcome package from me.

so is there any way the get the MetalEater back? :slight_smile:



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