Missing Ship

So I flew out of prediction a little while ago in a tiny SV. Just moving some stuff from surface to CV in orbit. Soon as I hit space I get “connection to playfield lost” After a min or 2 I get booted from server with message something like “problem with playfield Peacekeeper 4” Ok so I wait a few mins then rejoin. My ship is gone and my character is falling to the planet. I think my ship is in space so I walk back to my base and get some fuel. Then spawn in another sv from my library to go back to space. But when I get there the ship isn’t in space. It is set faction so I should see it from anywhere. I go back to the planet and recheck and its not on planet. Someone suggested i check HWS Connect. I find this “Zip-I4771001SVPrediction-2457285-5812234true” I dont remember for sure the name of the ship as we have several similar sv we use for running around. I know the ship I am missing had two cargo containers with stacks and stacks of ingots in it I was moving. This is only reason I care. If only the ship I’d not care. I am pretty sure the missing ship is Class: 1 Size 5x4x9, Device Count: 22 Block Count: 32. If not very close. Its a tiny SV with 4 plasma cannon, 2 cargo box, 1 ammo box, open cockpit. Hopefully this is enough info to find it. Thx for any help. If it was deleted Pls place it maybe near my base on the planet or somewhere near the planet in space, more than 1k from planet. Thx


Can you please provide some more information as mentioned here: READ FIRST: Will You Receive Support? - Yes or No at the bottom.
At least time, and ID. Makes it a lot easier for us.

It was the EU server
I was moving between prediction planet in peacekeeper 4 and space.
Time was… about 20-30 mins before my first post. About 10:00 or so central US time zone. Is there a game time I should reference? i dont know. I dont know the id of the ship. It may have been “zip” as it is not in space or the planet as is the only ship in my list which shows to have been deleted. But I dont really remember the name for sure. I hoped that the exactly block and device count would have helped. i’m sure few if any other ships could fit that description. Again I dont really care that much about the ship I just dont want to lose the two cargo boxes full of stacks of ingots that were in it at the time it disappeared.

I put the Sv back to Peackeeper 1 at -1800,-1800,-1800. You can pick it up there.
But its from an backup 1 hour earlier. So might be that some stuff is missing that you put in later.

Thx so much for your efforts. Sadly this is either not the right ship or somehow the cargo is missing. It is the same design but as I said we have several of these ship identical. I rly can’t be sure if this was the ship I was flying at the time. But I had just loaded up over a cargo box and a half full of stacks of ingots. None are in the ship. And they are not on the base either. Are the lost forever. Or could there have been two of these that dissipated? Again I couldn’t care less about the ship but I would like to recover the 35 to 70 stacks of ingots that were in it when it vanished. If anything else can be done I’d appreciate it.

Sorry. I got the right ship with the id you posted and checkd it also before. But as mentioned its from an earlier bakcup. I guess you put the stiuff in after teh backup and before the crash. 1 hour inbetween. Cant do much about it.