Missing Ships Continuing

Hi there. It has been mentioned before, that there was a change to the unvisited timer from 15 days to 7, and that it caused some things to go poof. But I am firmly of the belief that it is worse than explained. To date I have lost over 50 structures, most of them things that I have visited in the last day or so. I really need this looked into. Simply “paying back some of the cost to build them” is insufficient, hell in one base that was deleted we had enough materials to rebuild a fleet. And it just Poofed last night, along with 3 Capitals Vessels. One of those was directly outside of my main base, and I have video of me seeing it last night. Now it is gone, along with all of the materials inside. PLEASE HELP. There appears to be no safety anymore for anything we own.
From Today: ( and yes there may be duplicates, sorry)
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From 5 days ago:
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:frowning: i will look at it

Did you read the post of me actually?

This means really that nothing can be that important that is not visited within 7 days except this big ship you mention.
So which one?

Also after 3 days all backups from before will be cleared because we don’t have terabyte ssds. You come a bit late but maybe possible still.

Ping me if you have the information.


PS. IF you visited them in the last days and I guess you know how “visited” works for the wipetime trigger then it was something else we will investigate.

I did, and I could see how some of the structures MAY have been a few days, but as I PM’ed you about before, the “Mine …” Hv’s are waypointed hover vessels that are literally visited every single day. The CV out front of my base was Hera, a 20k block CV with all the supplies needed to run a fleet. The “Lua Base” was also an outpost we set up, and visited fairly regularly on the way to homeworld. These are the two biggest issues. We can recover from this, but you have to understand that it is incredibly disheartening to have guys losing stuff left and right because of some mystery issue that was not the case before. If it really is a non-visit timer, can we verify the actual time on it? I moved everything we could get quickly back to the main base area on auctoria when the first issue happened, so that proximity could be triggered while we were moving about. But things are still disappearing off of the planet. There is only so tightly I can pack everything for fear of it not being in some mystery radius and disappearing overnight if we didnt use it the previous day.

If we could get the time til deletion on structure commander that was mentioned before, that would be a huge help. As it stands though, We cannot even verify anywhere that it HAS been visited.


Ok I try to improve the structure commander in the web.
About the rest we have to investigate then.

Currently our days exist of running from one bug / Exploit / glitch to another. I am not in a good mood because of it.

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what you mean with “visit”? power on/off is enough or i must fly a few metres / warping?

Stand on top of the structure till you are able to press the P menu

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I understand completely, that is why I keep most things off of support topics If I can. Small bugs and whatnot I can get over. But we literally had hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo in that lua base, and many crates full of raw resources for making more. And Hera was literally just outside my base. Didnt even want to put it in space for fear of it getting destroyed / deleted.

As for this Loki, About the only way to be sure it counts as visited is to jump in a seat on it. There is a distance to the ship that must be hit in order for it to register. Which is why the addition to Connect will be so powerful, because we will be able to know for sure that something DID register when we went over and “visited”. The base game gives you no such feedback.

thanks mcprouty

please fix or get a timer for delete. This lucky “visit” games are not funnny

I also lost a big ship I was using daily for crafting, I even changed its position a few hundred meters just before it vanished. Now I am afraid to spawn ships.

MY CV WENT POOF TOO but to be honest i dont know if i did go to it within the 7days and like i said to jash
its a lesson learnt and i wil just build a new one.
Thankyou for your help.
i will say thogh that this sucks for people who go on holiday. maybe if they notify you you can keep thers for them or something.
Keep doign all the good work Admins your FAB.

Indeed – I take work trips and family trips all around a week each… sometimes two. Ofcourse i bring my lappy to log in and do my needful things, but a holiday mode would be cool… Even if it pauses your AM’s and such – no profit.

RexXuS had noted in his recent update that it was in the over, a way to go on holiday for longer periods without risking your stuff. I think this may be a 6.0 thing.

Post surface wipe and post starter wipe, a family members’ account (WreckRoughneck) had a small base disappear on trader starter. It was fully underground, so it wasn’t killed by NPCs. It was on trader starter, so it was not killed by players. It had been built solely to keep a pair of epic pistols safe (lol) while we raided starter moon POIs. It was gone the day after we placed it (so had been visited / used within 24 hours). The work lights we placed were still there and the hollowed-out area was unchanged - so no wipe or player tunneling had destroyed it.

I did not report this earlier so as not to waste admin time (didn’t have base ID), but am reporting now to concur that there does seem to be a Bermuda triangle bug / effect. Note that if it is disallowed for a player to have a private base on Trader start and another private base on Trader start moon, then that would explain the loss. I have not experienced a loss since the weekend.

Are you sure this base had more than 10 blocks?
Micro structures have a different timer (7 hours I think)

Good thought - it was a survival base, and it may have been that small.

Hey there

i am missing some ships, HWS Connect tells me they are not deleted… Structure - IDs are:


would be nice if you could help me


Got two of my ships restored from backup, will just have to write off the rest I suppose. Switching the topic to general discussion. If anyone else needs help, feel free to make a new thread

Some information what happened would be helpful. Also because wipe time? You didn’t visit your 3 structures within 7 days?

Should be because of Wipe Time… could be 10 Days from my last visit…

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