Missing statue in constructors

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What happened: I am building a court yard and wanted to place a big staue inside but i can not find it the constructor. I spoke to hopscotch and he informed me that only admins ect could spawn them in… I was woundering why that is. and would it be possible to either correct it so players can spawn them or would it be possible that you could spawn one on our donor planet inside my court rooom center?
Player(s) with issue: Andrea
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 2am
Playfield: GMC/ GMT donor planet cant remember the name of it
Structure Name(s): gms main base
Structure ID(s): will edit this later on this morning with this info
How can we help you now: spawn a statue big into our base or let players spawn them.

Thanks and a fab job so far. make sure you get some sleep rex!

Statues are visible for the deco blocks afaik. Just right click and choose one. Have to check later.

they are not there made all the doco things last night and right clicked all of them and nothing.
even tried others that were not deco but still can not find them.
@hopskotch can you help rex out. i think he really needs to go to sleep!

Haha! I’ve never known Rex to sleep. :joy:

@RexXxuS I did look and seems it’s in the game for placement by admin or yaml, but the statue deco block doesn’t appear to be in any constructor menu. Odd. Haven’t found other items like that yet, but his one doesn’t seem to be there.

Add one to a blueprint in creative mode, then multitool it after spawning. Now you can place one.

They aren’t admin only but are only available in the creative menu. Always been that way.
I have a blueprint that is just a statue. Spawn it, multitool, place it where I want.

Oh, and they cost nothing to make. That blueprint of just the statue is free to make and completes instantly.

YI’m thinking that’s practically bug worthy.

It couldn’t hurt to mention it to Eleon. They may decide to add them to the constructors finally.
They aren’t forbidden in blueprints, they’ve just never been craftable. Kinda like the explosive blocks.

Could sell you some :wink:

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