Missing Trader Flag on my Player Account

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What happened: I donated for the trader option and haven’t used it in the past two seasons but it no longer shows on my account. I used to run Winkles in the Black hole.
Player(s) with issue: Obsey
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Current
Playfield: HWS Connect
Structure Name(s): None
Structure ID(s): None
How can we help you now: I’d like my trader flag to show on my account in case I want to run the trader I donated for. He was spendy lol.


@RexXxuS will take a look when he comes back. I guess he needs your specifications via pm what and how you want it.

Hi Jascha,

I haven’t played in a season but I’m back. I’m not quite ready to set up my Trader yet but I noticed I didn’t have the flag for one on my player info page. I’ll definitely want to set one up and make sure that flag is checked.

I need to figure out the restrictions on player sold ships as to how we do it and what we’re allowed to build.

Hey @Obsey! :slight_smile:

Welcome back and yes, the NPC Trader flag in HWS Connect is more or less “new”, hence not set yet.

I have activated it and you see it once you play a bit on the server and the data is synced to HWS Connect.

If you are ready with everything just send me a forum PM. Thanks!

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