In 6.0 and 6.X I used to do a lot of missions, Elemental Bank heist, Top Gun, etc. However every time I have tried to do one in 7.0 and 7.X I have been kicked from the mission and backpack dropped inside the mission. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue or what has to be done to fix missions?

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can you fill in the blanks makes it easier to read.

Thank you for the feedback, but I am more asking if they are safe yet. Nothing has happened to me in a few months after being burned by them twice.

If no one else responds I will dip my toes in the fire and see if they are still broken… kinda sad so few people do them that no one is mad when they break.

pretty sure the bank heist is by design, if you don’t finish it in the… 7? minute window you lose your things (police catch you)

generally though I haven’t found the payout on them to be enough to merit what is needed to complete them (more people, logistics… bleh)

If there was not a 5-7 hour cooldown on these instances, I’d probably feel differently.

No, I mean I am being kicked out instantly upon starting them. And yes almost all missions are on a 15 minute timer


yes! With the feedback and all the trouble we had a great Dev implemented Mission sync! (check the patchlogs of 7.5)

Now the instances are synced over the network, providing always correct times.

So all of them are fixed now.
Only problem I hadn’t time to make more and make them feel more… integrated and… cool.
For now random here and there… no cool feedback, ya know.

But I have big plans to fulfill my “Campaign in Multiplayer” dream. Soon®


Awesome, thank you Rex. The missions are one of the many features that sets HWS apart and above the rest!

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Looking forward to that

Haven’t observed that. A network time protocol (NTP) desync would totally explain that issue.

I haven’t tried many missions this season - though I would be interested in hearing feedback, as I am wondering if the new config file changes may require compensatory design changes to some of the missions.

You are correct, I just attempted ‘Top Gun’ and killing drones is harder, and removing the turrets on the CV didn’t happen. So might want to do missions that don’t have BA/CV/SV weapons

Oh yeah… boosted Turrets + nerfed gatling gun makes the Top Gun mission insane :expressionless:

ai ai ai… lot to do for HWS 8…

It’s been a while, but I feel that I want to attempt to design a new mission/instance and I have a specific idea… Can I DM @RexXxuS with an outline of the concept, to see if it has interest for the server in 8.0?

sure, always