MIT Arrived

Hallo dear people,

Today MIT enterd the galaxy of HWS , So here we announce our first as we arent a hostile group of people as MIT stands for Medical Intervention Team , whitch means as you can read we here to help old/new ppl to patch them back up from a fight from NPC or PVP , WE ARE NOT allowed to engange happening fire fights so if you call us and we see a active fight we flee , we will only fire if we need to deffence or owe life ,
By this way i also wanne say that MIT will be helping the new ppl on the server/galaxy to prepair them to get them as fast as posible of the starters planets so they can start they real atvanture

Greets and many thanks

Bellyke , Docter of MIT

If you have question dont botter to join the HWS teamspeak and talk to me about it , im happy to explain it to you :smiley:

When you mean “patch people up”, do you mean their ships or their person? Honestly you’ve been pretty much outclassed by the med bay device :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahaha i have to agree on that , but its more for the younger and unadvanged persons on the game , so i can help them not dieing so oftend , but ofcours , if you strand whitout Fuel in the middle of nowhere , i can be from service also , i’m more facing a helping part for new ppl or ppl in need of help ( whitout admin power ) to save or rescue them :smiley: