Moba Ground and Space Bank

After leaving the starting planet i wanted to use the OCD but i still don’t know exactly how it works. I got a few messages on screen as i tried to type the commands. So, if i want to store items or money, i need to travel to a certain sector otherwise i have to pay for every item: ist that right?

what is that moba playground? i found an entry in this forum about it but it was not fully clear what happens if i go there: do i need Vehicles or do i get vehicles (SV or HV) there? After a week is there a reward or is the reward whatever you can grab and hold?

And last but not least: Where should i place my ship if i log off. I placed it far away from one planet out there but there are also PVE Planets. Can i land my CV there and is it safe then?

OCD is only accessible in pve playfields. (unless you buy ocd 7, which is a bit out of reach for most players) It is the Orbital Autominer that has the option of withdrawing on any playfield for a cost, or free from EGS.

moba playfield is a patch of deadly space accessible from homeworld that closes it’s warp OUT during the week. If you warp there, you cant warp back out til the weekend. There are loads of resources there, but it is all pvp.
PVE planets in general will be taxed, with some exceptions. PVP space is a popular choice, provided you are careful, and go atleast 50k out from the nearest planet. Also undock your SV’s before logging off.

Why undocking the Svs ?

There is a bug currently that causes docked ships to cause damage in deep space. Like a LOT of damage.

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