Mod Request/Suggestion

Hello everyone.

I know HWS for now just uses HWS made mods, but one thing I’d really like to see is LCD scripting. Being able to see fuel/damage/ammo amount on an LCD screen in front of your captain seat while flying.

And yes it looks advanced, but that just means more possibilities.

This does not grant any advantage to the once using it, but it grants many very useful possibilities.


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I think there is a good reason on why they are only using their own mods at this time.

They would be entirely at the mercy of the mod creator to wait for updates and bug fixes. This is not ideal at all, especially for servers of this size.

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Perhaps it’d then be possible to make an HWS version sometime in the future.
That’s also an option :slight_smile:
Also Rex could probably edit the files of the mods to his own likings.

Adding on @TwitchyJ words:
it is in progress already. @Jascha is polishing it right now.
Once it’s ready we do couple of iterations.

We will go the direct road of allowing you to edit your LCDs from HWS Connect and some other nice features.

That we only use our own “mods” / code has some reasons, but it does not mean we do not work together with others. Many mods would not be available if Jascha wouldn’t helped the modders in the first place.
I just want to highlight that because some idiots spread lies out there and they are filled with so much envy that they are blind of the truth.
For example our STT page:

Anyways, for so many players on HWS we have to optimize many things first. Many program their mods in their small environment and it works. But the more players, the more tricky it can be.

We will announce such big changes before of course.
Thanks for the topic.


I had a sneaking suspicion that you folks were working on some new things. :grinning:

As always you never stop impressing!


That is actually a big issue at the moment with the available mods. So we would not even think about using them until its stable, since on HWS the issues would just multiply by a thousand due to the amount of people playing.
If, we would probably also do them ourselves, so that we can adapt it easier to HWS.

Much will be done still on the API side, so there might be a lot of new features coming soon.

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Can’t wait for the new features.
Any idea on when “soon” is? Is it within next season? After?

Much depends still on the devs.
But I think within the next season we will start including a lot of new features. The groundwork is already done now.


Old but gold… :slight_smile:
But who knows what HWS+ might bring :wink: