]Monster keep spawning in my base!



======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

**What happened:Monster keep spawning in my base and can’t kill them because it will hurt my base im on a pvp doner planet with Igo Solo

**Player(s) with issue:Me aka in game name ( Iron Man )

**Server:HWS NA

**Time (cb:time):All the time


**Structure Name(s):Headquaters

**Structure ID(s):2604838

**How can we help you now:Plz Make it stop !


hey man…
Wierd… this is an @RexXxuS issue, but if you want me to, i can take a look ingame! not sure how much i can do expet confirm it :-/


I can’t fix Eleon bugs and you have to live with it.
The only option would be if the owner of the planet contact me and request all NPC + Aliens etc. to be gone.
However, that would require a planet wipe to apply changes.


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