Monthly/quarterly respawn

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I’ve been playing a pretty fair amount of time in Empyrion on HWS RE, which, i must say is pretty fun, BUT… once a day everything respawns which somehow breaks immersion and the real need to travel between stars. You can stick for most of the time mining all the way again and again same gold deposits. So I came (i don’t think i’m the first one) with an idea of monthly/quarterly respawn of certain spots like ores and POIs. I’m quite sad that i cannot acomplish real wipe of planet from zirax for exaplme, which could be an awesome feat! I would be glad if you guys have something in for this topic. Let the news spread! Cheers!

most of the respawn timers are all set to default according to the scenario itself. with multiplayer so vast, it is much better to have more frequent respawns to avoid dry spells for other players. we must sacrifice some single-player immersions when playing on a multiplayer server :frowning:

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I really like it the way it is now. Please don’t change it. Nothing is stopping you from travelling from system to system, exploring and mining as you go. Make it your own personal mini scenario and rule that you only mine the same place once a month. I had no idea that gold deposits respawn, I thought it was only roids.

I also thought that if you destroy the core, the Zirax POI does not respawn. I guess I was wrong about that too. Doh! Is that only in the starter systems perhps?

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thanks for the suggestion.

As @dew1960 said, only the Asteroids do respawn, cause it’s the default mechanism, written hard in the yaml files.
Deposits do not respawn.

I will think about it or rather need more data to analyze. I think because the trading in RE is not well balanced, I rather think people make millions with it anyways instead of gold mining.

I honestly feel trade systems should be a money maker rather than digging gold. it’s not like it represents any national economic value as it is supposed to be the earthly standard. Gold is more of a resource in this scenario. perhaps the commodity trades could be the money makers instead of gold…