More bunkers on GG

Hi all,
first i want to say Great job to admins despite some people complain (and i understand it sometimes) but making a good server for everyone is almost impossible… Devs are still trying to make it (i hope).

I wanted to suggest (don’t know if it’s the right place, sorry if not) to make…

I think making more bunkers from various sizes can make GG accessible for some smaler factions.
It can make more fight in the game with less loss for everyone. Big faction could still control the GG but could enjoy chasing other players and weaker faction could go there try their chances… (it’s not possible for solo player to go there for now) and get a real goal to go away from PVE planets.

Why only 2 bunkers, it only allows 2 faction to control all golds and be sure to get the bunkers again next wipe…

So don’t know if it’s possible, and i may not have think to all things it implicates but it’s a fairfull suggestion…

Sorry for my english.

Have fun


Bunker don’t give u control planet, and RED proof it :slight_smile:

Hi Spronlock,

Theres only 1 bunker on GG. It gives the owner a safe place to stash ammo etc and a small number of small ships. It is also indestructible. However, those are the only advantages. As my RED friend above says - the bunker does not give the faction control of the planet. Its the size of the faction/alliance that has done this - aswell as significant resources.

That said, its dead most of the time. Solo players and small factions could easily go there and get rich quick. Provided they stay away from the few remaining tower bases.

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Strangely the current week(s) are pretty good for individuals or small factions to mine, gold meteors. It us only Tuesday pm and Wednesday am that the planet us highly contested. The reason being that many of the big factions etc are spending time in creative etc in preparation for the upcoming new 7.0 season. So now is the time for the small guys to profit, just use disposable sv/hv and get in and out quickly!

Ok not debating of RED power,

Ok it’s easy for now, but after wipe it will be the rush again. And while bunkers-ones just spawn an hoover and drill, others people must land with vessel, spawn hoover, take all stuff from vessel, go in hoover, get rid of vessel and hope they won’t be caught while drilling, then spawn another vessel, and escape…

What i say is i saw more people on New-Berlin than on GG becouse there are gold meteors too and you can just build bases that makes you in little safe place…

I know it’s end-game content and i like it, but i feel it’s unaccessible for not-large-factionned players.
AND…more bunkers could be good to make smaller factoin move to that place.

I quite agree with more bunkers on GG. Double the bunkers, double the fun. Or no bunkers.

Thing with bunker is that you accept role of defender by having it, its insanly time consuming. I would like idea of renting bunker, bidding in auction to have it for week so factions holding it switch. Might be also interesting to pay for it with something different than credits, or combination, allowing faction which doesnt have 25 milions to buy/rent it. Simply put whole idea of bunker is interesting and could be expanded.

I think for no bunker owners its good to cooperate and while someones mining some other guy carry all away in SV regulary. Temporary cheap base can help too. Mining solo is risky.

But as CyIvIpak said bunker wont give you control, ally with 3 other factions, spawn bases around bunker to seal it off and go mining, fighting. One of biggest problems of all small factions is probably not enough cooperation, TCH is considered largest faction with 30-40 ppl, but its faction with about 4 playing members, without creation of Dwarf Alliance (TCH, AAA, ACM) we wouldnt be able to at least partialy control planet.
Its not a bunker what gives control, its insane amount of resources we have to spawn bases and a lot of ammo and ppl when all 3 factions are on, also when bunker is sieged you need to act like theres no bunker. Prepare construction base and some attack bases outside of planet, prepare ammo and SV/HV bps and invade planet as any other faction without bunker.

But yes having at least one more bunker or some (1-3) smaller ones on opposite side of planet might be interesting, its still nice safehouse and you can retreat in it when things go wrong without loosing too much. More bunkers could create very unique battlefield. Maybe OP will solve this :slight_smile:

Id like to see the bunker as is, but with a single artillery turret attached. You have to feed it ammo, and it follows normal BA Arty range and targetting. Near useless against sv or hv that pay attention, but enough to keep enemy bases from being built. Just an idea.