More probs

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

**What happened:**cv deleted somehow…
Player(s) with issue: gareth_8000
Server: eu
Time (cb:time): 19.00 ish
Playfield: black hole
Structure Name(s): USS limitless
Structure ID(s): 1993373 or 11287011 or 11697064
How can we help you now: respawn … again

pleas ebe patient with rexx get andrea to pick you up and take you home and use your ocd to make a new cv! hehe

On it

All but 11697064 are gone since yesterday not 2 hours ago.

11287011: Cant spawn it since it was gone shortly after it was spawned.

Rest is back

hey jah… sos wasnt sure which one it was… alot of probs over the last few days… rexx had to respawn one yesterday as it vanished so pot guessing tbh…

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