Move my ships away from deadly asteroid field defenses?

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What happened:
=> I was out mining in my CV which had an SV and HV onboard. Saw a secondary belt and thought oh cool theres more than one, when i got there, got blasted to pieces. Went to try and inch close to it to recover goods, lost another SV. Can’t get to the ships from any angle, and can’t recycle.

Player(s) with issue:
=> MickJagg

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Few days ago

=> Binomi

Structure Name(s):
=> HowdyWagon, MX9, Scarab-HRC, Stinger Deluxe

Structure ID(s):
=> HowdyWagon: 20344692 (this should have the mx9 and scarab docked to it)
=> MX9: 21673603
=> Scarab-HRC: 21553440
=> Stinger Deluxe: 20014209

How can we help you now:
=> I have 4 ships stuck out there in Binomi, possible a mod can move the remains away from there for me? Or is my only option to destroy? I’m only recycle level 3 and reaching level 5 seems improbable at this point :\

Hey mate I can go kill the poi for you. Message me on discord same name and I’ll fly by and kill it so you can get your ships

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Perfect, that works. Thnx to Chaotic and Ignis!!

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