Multi crash on Guardian Origin planet

Location: Guardian Origin planet near -3065 E/W and 248 N/S
Localized: unknown

Reproducibility: Always
Severity: Crash

Summary: flying close to a large collection of ships My game freezes. relog and transportd back to where I spawned in a few min ago and then I get close to my CV to get in and then the game freezes.

Description: same type of thing happend the first day the server was active and I kept freezing before the fix.
error.log (36.8 KB)
Also my ship ID is 4267073. It got stuck in the air

Same problem here… keep crashing on guardian origin…

Update:… if i get in game and look at the sky… it works fine, no crash… i can open CP’s for ships, etc… no crash… soon as i look down at some ships… crash. I saw that one of my SV’s was ceased by HWS, this was the thing i was flying when first crash happened… SHIP ID: 5235031 also how do i get that ship back :smiley:

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