Multiple accounts using autominers

Iv been hearing rumours of multiple accounts being made soley to exploit the auto miners. Ive seen some planets stacked with autominers and prupose a limit on autominers using the games steam ID this would prevent multiple steam accounts being used as an exploit, The market is also a reflection of the exploit as it is being flooded with extremley cheap resources.

If a person bought a 2nd account why not ? Game was on sale the other day for like 10 bucks.

Yeah hate auto miners too :frowning: rip ore market

Yes, we already told this to the devs.
Hold on a bit.

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Well, factions also have an easy way of making ore. They stack them in large numbers as well AND they don’t have to visit them twice a day like I do saving them literally dozens of hours a week. This alone kills prices because it no longer requires any real effort.

And factions that still use autominers from people who quit the game or who don’t really actively play… They make their factions super rich in terms of ore which is basically the same as multi-accounting due to miners having no decay.

Multi-accounting is kinda hard to stop because Steam (and Elreon probably as well) allow it and the person could be using another computer (or even another IP if he/she goes even further). But if you buy like 10 accounts, then you gotta buy the game 10x. Even on 50% discount that is still 100$. I doubt Eleon would mind that, nevermind prevent it.
And if those accounts are not in the same faction they gotta visit their miners separately. So they have to be in the same faction and never chat with each other or something, which is probably the only way to detect it. Unless they script that too… But they MUST be in the same faction for it to work.

I still sell iron for 9-10k per stack though and magnesium probably does rather well too because they are always required. But copper and cobalt dropped so hard to the point where it no longer makes sense to even sell it. But this is also why I find the donator planets ‘pay2win’.

There was a topic about the massive autominer gains on Steam but the devs said something like “think bigger”. Meaning they want us to get tons of ore. But seeing how much I haul a day (if the server let’s me…) then this is more like “think extreme” and I think the devs never intended people to mine on multiple planets on every single deposit with their entire faction (+ possible multi accounts). That’s just nuts.

And if they nerf it now, the existing people have their OCD’s already capped I guess with ingots and ore.

But hey I like it. The old way of getting ores was just silly. Facing down on a meteor for hours only to lose your ship in a bug just like that and you gotta go facedown on meteors again for hours and hours… So I still find the current situation the better situation. It’s not perfect but it’s better.

Oh damn look at that wall of text :P.

100% agree with you on this ,

Atm it is just too easy to die with the bugs in the game.

That’s pretty much what drew me to the donator benefits on this server. “Wait, if I lose my ship because alpha I can just instant spawn it again? Sign me up.”

i hate this auto miner they take so long and the dont deplete the deposits and there for ppl dont get rid of deposits and then no metios fall on the planets. runes the exploring the game for metios and keeps people to there planets.
you have to earn creditts to level up your autominers from server puts money back in game and more people gogin out looking for it and actually mining

Maybe time to let the real veterans have some kind of special bonus? maybe put certain levels you can buy, depending on how long you have been playing?

bring back teamspeak, so people can get together again, discord is empty all the time even on the primetime these days…

no idea why we closed teamspeak which had such great admin and player system, with faction tags etc to put on players, on discord you dont even know which faction players are in etc… i can even finance the teamspeak if its the money the big question mark is about…

I agree guys, it’s not people who are repeatedly buying the game to do this you can create upto 5 steam accounts and share games in your library with them free of charge that’s 6 accounts a player can create only having one copy, but each steam game has an ID this ID is the same even if the game is shared. It’s how vac bans (I think they are referred to) are dealt you can log in anywhere in the world with a dif ip, comp or via proxy, when you log into steam your ID remain the same.
As for bugs and stuff it’s to be expected in alpha games, both the game and server are still being developed but despite the bugs I’ve only had one serious encounter which was the internal error message :confused: but gotta take my hat of to rexxus and his team this in my opinion is by far the best server and they do their best to work out glitches and bugs as quickly as they can.

That is unlikely to work. You can legitimately create a new Steam ID (in fact you MUST I think) when activating multiple copies of the game. All with different ID’s, different VAC bans. Not even hardware ID’s work because what if they share a computer or use virtual machines or different PC’s or go to an internet cafe.How does family sharing work? What if you play from your friend’s place or a LAN party? Etc?

And even if they use the same IP, they only need to login ONCE per major alpha version to join faction X put down every single T3 autominer and logout to never be seen again and then the real account will empty their miners twice every day.
I believe you can only really detect these kind of things through play patterns. But this is probably hard to implement.

What I think we need is a way to balance autominers and not just say “think big”. Cobalt and copper efficiency for example needs a nerf because you do not need as much copper as you need iron. But you can never have enough iron, sathium (sathium is nerfed) and magnesium. But these nerfs would be too late for this server we already have or stockpiles.

If we can chose our common ores for donator planets I would make it only iron and magnesium obviously because that would be op. But by the time I got 300 playhours I either already ragequit again or no more planets left or I bought a spot into an existing one or they already created a XOR-rule for miners for them. But you can still farm aliens (also unfair but okay I think donator planets need some extra rules). So buy 50 accounts, buy a donator planet (afk an account to get the play-hours really fast), join the nearby faction planet and build 51 autominers on the faction + donator planet and create an alien-farm on your donator planet and optionally sell slots to other people. Totally not pay2win :D.

I’ve only had one serious encounter which was the internal error message

Wow only once.
Last few days made me take a break (until it’s over) due to the enormous amounts of bugs. Not 1 hour goes by without running into some. And since 4.2 it’s not just server stability for me, other things are also bugging out now (possibly because of the server instability?). Lost a few ships to it as well. And my miners themselves also show weird behavior (double pins, 2 miners on one desposit, pins not updating, miner using power but not producing ore, miners refilling again after I just emptied them before a server crash :grinning:, etc) and then loss of connection, 2 variants of the internal error, rollbacks, various clipping problems like spawning inside the walls of my CV, player get separated from ship when leaving playfield, game says ship is not mine even though it is, EAC kick, game freezes, and just more and more and more… You get the idea.

Or perhaps: disallow all forms of automining on PVE including starter planets. But people will not like it and the really big factions would be the only ones being able to use autominers, solo factions would be screwed.

I don’t think it would be so hard, when you share or enable the sharing through steam it warns you if one account is banned all accounts sharing that game will be banned also, rexxxus has mentioned earlier that they have been in touch with the developers and there may be a solution. Here’s hoping :slight_smile:

Waht you say will ONLY work for the account sharing feature. It will NOT work for people using multiple steam accounts in any way.

Anyone ‘multi-accounting’ would not be so dumb to use account sharing.

I did state I was on about shared steam libraries, I realise that buying multiple copies of the game is a whole different story entirely, but as for people being so dumb to do this I wouldn’t be to sure as if things aren’t boldly stated in rules people will do it. Hell even things stated in the rules I’ve seen people do.
Ok so limiting the auto miners to the steam ID may not solve the issue but I think it certainly would help the matter.