Multiple People warping to Mars system and losing ships

"Support No:

giving you ships / bases back due warp jump bug or other strange bugs. We will help but not all the time over and over again"

While I am aware that the above is a thing, I’m not convinced that this is the same problem. Myself along with a faction member, and a few other various people & factions tried warping toward the mars system near 10pm -CST and upon completing the warp found that our clients said we had lost connection to our vessels. While I was still able to fly my vessel, and even enter orbits, I couldn’t exit my seat. When I relogged my vessel was gone and I was back in the peacekeeper system, from which I warped away. A scout on Phobos reported that our ship never actually arrived in the mars system and HWS connect reports our ships as being in Peacekeeper 4, yet not existing .
Not sure what can be done of this, but knowing what has become of our ships would bring peace of mind.

The ships in question are

  • Totally an Asteroid
  • Life Support
  • Black-Dash

Thanks for posting. If it said TRUE under deleted on the HWS connect then Jascha will need to find a backup of it.

I put them in Peackeeper 2 (its from an earlier backup so names might be different).
Life support could not be recoverd. Could not find it.

If you need me to bring it to you just holler