My bag fell 200 meters underground and i could not dig to it

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What happened:
=> On triton at about 6:10am est. I was landed next to the hws ramcon station owned by an enemy race. a turret killed me off my ship and my bag fell 200meters underground and i could not dig to it.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Herzer1234

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 0610am est

=> Planet Triton

Structure Name(s):
=> hws ramcon station

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> I need to recover what was lost. I had lost several epic weapons. EM pulse rifle, assault rifle, rocket launcher, shotgun. all weapons were epic. I had about 3k in ammo for every weapon except the homing rockets for the epic launcher. I dont really care about the other items i had

I forgot to add that i also had the epic sniper rifle and railgun rounds for it. Multiool t2 plus about 70 ammo charges for a drill and the multitool.

this has been a more common issue recently. not sure of the backpack contents can be tracked. i usually try to keep a ship near by with wifi to F4 my goodies into on a regular basis. helps to lessen the pain of loss. also its best to use the server time not ur local time for recover…just type cb:time

I never learned the sorage link sys since it was placed. i guess ill have to try it more often. dQgnflua(HWS Police) did visit me today when i asked about my ticket but all he gave me was pentaxid and some multi charges for multitool and the drill. i wouldnt say my ticket has been resolved though. he kinda just flew off with very few words. there was other items he was gonna give me like some ingots but i already had alot of that stuff. the only thing i really cared about getting back were the weapons and ammo. Not to say i didnt appreciate the thought im sure he is busy with helping other players.


sorry for the delay. This weekend is very busy due to the upcoming A11.
I restored your backpack. But as Bob mentioned. please always use cb:time. Makes it easier for us.

but the backpack did not contain that much ammo, just as a info:


Oh wow your awesome. i thought i had more ammo but as your screenshot shows i was wrong, my appologies. Thank you i received the items while i was playing today im so happy. You guys are awesome this server is awesome!


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