My base and vessels have been taken



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my base and vessels have been taken:



21:45 (cb:time):


Structure Name(s):

6871706 and 868430(s):

find out how they stole them?:


maybe it whas player “totalnoob” all your stuff whas public he writed it in global he means any pvp cv sv and base atlantis orbit


initial investigation… yes the ships we’re on public and he factioned them, Rexxx if u can reverify this plz

TotalNooBToday at 8:54 PM

Hi, just to advise you may get a support ticket from 6i6 about star base pvp ship and miner ship. They were public above atlantis…so i took them


i didnt make anything public but if theyre gone theyre gone. interesting how the faction u used to tag my structures is now empty of players


i take it youve stolen all my stuff out of the base that i collected over the xmas event? if yes then u may as well keep the structures and i will rebuild


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