My base in Neptune EU vanished?

My base in neptune EU vanished. I cant even see it anymore in Structure log in connect. Attack log is blank, no any mention of attacks. Base was by the book , and certainly not too big. Last visited 2 days ago. Was called Hydro plant. Every block of it vanished, there is still my hydro and water generators. What have happened ??

Good question.

All we can see is this:

Since it is PvP someone maybe got it with high range tactic. Not sure. Maybe someone saw something?

Could be, but shouldnt I have attack logs of it ?

Well actually one of your own guys “did” it by accident I guess.
akselwp turned your CV 22017012 (AWP traveler) (Faction Ship) on next to the Base (Set to Private on you).
Therefore the CV destroyed the Base.

heey… that’s not even close to what happened! I was out gathering meteors with my cv carrying the HV. went over a mountain top and saw a base that startet shooting right away since i was so close. I died imidiatly and when I spawned back it was totaled and the base was just gone? thougt it was only a bug… guessing we was not in alliance since your base shot at me but never ment to destroy any base… but like I said, since the whole base was gone when I spawned back 30 sec later I thought it was only a bug… sorry mate

odd as every single block vanished, as it had also under terrain blocks, very odd, that all blocks would disappear under the terrain also, if not attacked and ransacked or bug. , as also some off the stuff in constructor and boxes also disappeared and some was left behind. Very odd indeed ?? Even more odd is that in connect i dont have any logs of attack.

Thats because noone attacked it, but akselwp was close. But since he is in your faction it will not be shown in intruder log
Why the base disapeared so quick… very strange indeed. It Decayed in seconds…

I am, and always have been in BLA faction, he is CIA faction we are not allied either, but it had to be a bug, my cv newer could destroy a whole base on it’s own :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, odd as we are not in same faction. and i dont remember that we was alliance either. That base had full combat armor and full armament count also, its extremely unlikely that one cv could destroy it. And that makes question off why not attack logs in connect, even more odd. Seems very much like a bug

If the Admins cannot restore, we will help you rebuild…
Contact us and let us know what you need, and we will help you on your way :slight_smile:

Aernoud (BLA)

thanks.thats very nice of you, but not necessary :slight_smile: I allready started rebuilding, and I am doing fine, but I appreciate your gesture :slight_smile: I just was more interested that why connect logs wont show anything .

Niewitch ( CIA )

yeah, could not find anything about my death in log either, (not too known with the log system) but still… was wondering what faction it was… please send alliance req, so we can fly safe on neptune :wink:

Sended and allready allied just moment ago :wink:

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