My base was deleted <:O Can I have help understanding why and what I can do to get it back?

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What happened:
=> Had been playing a fresh life and had made a base of operations that would help me with building my ship. However my base (and all items I had stored) has been deleted (presumably due to a rather inappropriate username I had forgotten I was still using but have now fixed).

I apologise for my oversight and I hope that I can do what is necessary to follow the rules better and get my stuff back.

I’m VERY new and loving the community so far so I hope I can be better!! :smiley:

Player(s) with issue:
=> Dokuchamp


Time (cb:time):
=> June 13 09:29 BST

=> Freelancer Journey

Structure Name(s):
=> Base (BA)

Structure ID(s):
=> 27855596

How can we help you now:
=> Is there any way to retrieve my base and items?

How long was it since you made your base?
On starter planets all structures gets wiped 7 days after they’ve been made.


welcome to the server. Glad you like it.
I restored it but you would have to add more blocks soon, before the game deletes it again.
You only have 8 blocks at the moment and a structure has to have a minimum of 10 blocks to survive. (in A12 we will warn people if they have a structure below 10 blocks)

If you don’t make it on time and the structure is gone again, Just write us here when you are online and we can restore it again.


Hi Jascha,

I have made it on, made the necessary changes and hopefully will be back to continue playing later today :smiley:

Thanks so very much,
Doku ;O


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