My capital ship moved from system

When I disconnected I left my capital ship in Trinity Nebula and now I connect I was in Trinity Nebula but my ship had been destroyed so I checked and my ship had moved to Homeworld Space and a user named Nikola Tesla destroyed me completely and I worry Because in that capital ship I had all my resources, a lot of iron, Sathium, cobalt, copper, silicon, blue crystal, pentaxid, gold, seeds, combat blocks like 10,000, autominers like 8. Because I was preparing for the wipe in order one Total lost :frowning: I would appreciate if you could help me please

My character is called: NICMOS

My capital ship was called: NICMOS-CAPITAL


First - welcome to HWS. It would seem that you left your laden CV in a pvp zone defenseless.

What kind of help would you be looking for exactly? It appears you know what happened and it was not bug related.

A fresh start would bring you back home to build again. You could also reach out to Nikola and ask him for some goods back considering it was catastrophic. Perhaps hiring a bounty hunter to help get your stuff back?

  1. Nicmos, nothing personal. I really dont know how happens that your cv was found on active homeworld system.
  2. Yesterday I killed 9 CV in pvp areas, and I officially confirm that I killed your ship. However, when core was killed, cv was dissappeared, I just looted some cases.
  3. My roleplay is hunter, regarding HWS Rules Origins. If I will return your loot, I will demotivate to return things to all my victims in future, and it will destroy my gameplay. it is PVP, good lesson for you.
  4. It is nice server and nice game to start and enjoy again, or join someone faction.
  5. Personal recomendation - never loose your structures in pvp area, try to hide on deep space at least. If you got a bug, and your CV jumped to other system, spawn ready prepared simple CV, fuel and warp immediatly. Of course pentaxid and fuel must be in your inventory.

PS. @RexXxuS.
I found the new system of looting, uncomfortable when killed boxes that fell out like suitcases, and cant be closed. Even if you have an empty inventory, and you pick up the full loot case of the former expanded box, not everything can fit. And when you close the dialog box, everything that does not fit, “saluting” to different direction of the space, which is generally uncomfortable.
Sometimes it happens that the mouse click fails, and the window closes, and instead of loot, you get a salute in space, and lagging everything around (can you imagine saluting 3-4 cases and 300 hundred peaces are flying around). Can you change it ?

Sorry Nik, that’s a game thing.

When you loot a drop container but don’t have the room for it and close the container, it’s contents will spill out into space in small individual loot containers.

So yes. Make sure there is room!!!

Ok but why does it seem to be a NEW thing? Pre 6.0, the boxes were there until you emptied them. It was a simple system, and it worked. Now you open up a loot drop crate, and there is a good to fair chance that it will just close its own interface, and explode into pieces flying everywhere. Ill try to find some clips of it.

I can confirm being kicked out of the drop container and it just exploding everywhere, not even giving me a chance to loot it.
It’s an Eleon bug, not a HWS bug.

Sometimes when it explodes into the tiny drop containers some of them may fall through blocks and terrain, losing your loot forever.

Indeed. It appears to have been introduced with 6.0.

Imagine helping folks reclaim their blown up SV in deadly Orbit with them panicking and opening boxes the have no room for looking for the gold… :frowning:
Not fun.

don’t get me wrong but aren’t hunters more the bounty-hunter guys? i thought that simply destroying cvs would be more a pirates job (i am very new to this server so i don’t want to offend anybody)

i opened gallery, where collecting wrecks of CV

bounty never work for hunters on HWS server, may be 2-3 bounty during 8 months, believe me it is too small interesting idea …
and new guilty bounty idea is not working also … nothing to do for fair hunters …

Hunting those ticket sales. I like it.

our inventory is 40 cells, extended box is 63 cells. imagine, you kill someone ship, you are little be under stress, someone can fly and kill you, until you are out of your ship … you open case, where 63*999 iron ore, and you can put only 40 … all other 23 are flying around you in space …

you unloading to your carrier sv, and opening next case with 63 cells … :slight_smile:

ok, yes that seems to be not working then. So that’s what happens when bounty hunters have no work to do… i think there is something to learn there…

It’s not your fault, I just wanted to report the bug to fix it :slight_smile:

my recomendation - dont leave server, until you fly out to specific place.
wait 3-5 minutes, until server and client will synchronize all data about your and CV location

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