My CV and SV disappeared

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What happened:
=> Both my CV and SV have disappeared out of nowhere. SV A-45 disappeared a few days ago, and CV USS Mike Pence disappeared sometime yesterday.

Player(s) with issue:
=> bagndrag

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Around the 27th and the days before.

=> Taewo and I forget what playfield the other disappeared; more concerned with the CV

Structure Name(s):
=> USS Mike Pence

Structure ID(s):
=> Idk cause its gone

How can we help you now:
=> recover the CV at least

(I made this ticket for someone else. I’ll keep them up to date.)

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hm is he sure about the name? I don’t find any name like that, nor any structure of him or his faction that was lost lately.

I warped him a few meters to the next CV “DECS Haldol” of his faction. (which was Piloted by him and later by flashhover. Maybe flashover moved it a bit while bagndrag was offline?)
When did he create the CV? Was it named different before?

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By the 26th he got this:
Found structures on PVE. No RP received PVE: USS Mike Pence(385435) on Fenmi;

And the 27th it was gone, so no log.

Ah, I see. Our logs did not reach that far anymore.
I checked the Backup and saw it disappear 27.07. 00:59

Looks like the typical bug. But I also see that his Playfield Tawewo is bugged. I can not login again. @RexXxuS

I restored it and warped him, his partner and all their structures from Taewo to the sector. Sadly the Playfield seems to be corrupt,

But would be good if he lets us know about issues before 24h are past. Otherwise its hard to find stuff.

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There was some issues here.
He tried to make a ticket on the forum, but he didn’t get confirmation email. He also tried using the discord bot to make a ticket, but there is a bug at the moment so sometimes the bot doesn’t send the link to create a ticket, which was his case.

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No problem. Thanks for taking care of him!

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