My feedback on 10.5 and the new season

Hi all ,

For now i do not like the Eleon updates , to reduce lagg they messed with the render distance , hence all those ships that end up stuck in ECC HQ . But poi’s and npc’s do not render fast enough either . One could park there ship on a poi with out knowing , and then the poi pops up , while your shields are down , i know watch the map , but he’ . Then those npc’s that go stealth in the distance , with in bloody sniper range …
And yes pvp seems a lot smoother and aiming with a vessel works better , and yes i love how windows do render now , but still no , when i return to base i don’t want to hover for 15 to 30 sec while i wait for it to render . I have a feeling i miss half the poi’s because i fly by to fast .
It’s gamebreaking and needs to chance .

Then about some HWS class size changes , why make class size 1 CV useless ?
Not that i want to enter planets with it , that 150 block count is fine to me , just make one or two orbits size 1 cv and nothing bigger . As black hole now allows size 5 there are no orbits left for size class 1 cv’s . For new players to HWS this takes away a lot of fun gameplay , as it is less expensive in resources to build a size 1 as anything bigger . I joined mid late last season and enjoyed myself building small CV’s , size 1 , to get the gold , or pick a fight . Also for vet players it would be challenging to design and build size class 1 fighter cv’s . I can tell from trying that a good size class 1 is not easy to build . Then again the faster one can build or respawn the more pvp there will be , in my opinion class 1 cv’s should be promoted for smoother gameplay , or make a compromise and take size class 2 .
I would like to see some class 1 or 2 restricted pvp orbits , it would generate more action .
Those orbit’s would not need planets , just throw some rocks in .

For so far my feedback , GG


Agree on all points. The rendering is particularly bad.


It’s not a challenge. We’ve been doing it for many seasons.

Speaking from experience, there was more combat in class 5 space than class 1 during the time that Black hole was 1 and Homeworld system was 5.

I very much enjoyed the class 5 combat far more than the class 1.

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Many seasons , ok , then may new players have that chance to . As it still is a nice class size to build in , especially when play and build time are hard to find for some players .

It’s ok for hw and black hole to be class 5 as they are now , just create an other playfield for class size 1 . As not many players dared to cross HW with there size 1 i am ok with black hole as it is now . In the end i prefer a class 5 fight to , it’s end game stuff , especially when your not connected to a big clan and play solo or with a friend . Keeping class 1 fights , making them easy access ad’s to mid game experience .

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