My HWS-autominers on NA deleted?

Because for some reason my gold autominers on NA are gone? Or are they still there but is it just the HWS Connect that is bugging? Says I never played there but I very clearly remember losing a base + ship there due to bugs a long time ago. One of which had gold ore so I must have played there.

Also it says that I haven’t donated and that my playtime is 0 hours… Something is not good…

Also can someone remove my sathium hws-autominer and the other one (EU)? They are no longer used.

I guess I must wait for Rex to come back for this?

After 15 days of inactivity what is you case for sure the player will be removed. The Auto Miner dunno, have to check.

As mentioned in the Guide: CSW is a way to play on 2 servers. With all benefits and pitfalls. You can have 2 OCDs, 2 AM, 2 individual accounts. Your playtime is obviously also separated.
If CSW comes into play now we maybe fuse the playtime… need to think about possible exploits regarding this.

I had playtime there but it seems it got reset because of the 15 days (which I by far exceeded). Okay so that explains the playtime and everything and the donation status. But should the donation status not be corrected or is it separate from EU?

15 days can be a bit short if you are are on a long holiday though. Can this be extended upon request or through donation?

Also if I got it correctly, I can just CSW from EU --> NA and my NA-character will be level 20 because it got copied from EU right? But when I CSW back, I will lose all my reputation on EU because I got zero on NA? I can’t find such info in the guide unless I overlooked it again.
And what if I am in the same faction in both servers, what will happen to my reputation?

Can/Are we allowed to get 2 supply packages a week this way?

My intention is to mine on NA server because SWP blocks us all on the EU one and they are too strong… But I don’t want to lose any rep or anything doing so.

I do find it weird that my EU data was not wiped after >15 days, only the NA data. Perhaps I was lucky.

True, if you donated by yourself it is counted in both servers. Since I do this most likely via smartphone instant I check only one server where I know the guy is playing. Sometimes I forget to set it to the other server. Corrected it for you.

Examples with the most details:
You have a player Tiny on HWS EU with 7 playhours, 10 RP, 1k player credits, 3k bank credits, 1 gold ingot in inventory, 1 popcorn in OCD, 1 blue crystal in auto miner which is lvl 1 and you are in a faction TiT

you also have a player Tina on HWS NA with 223 playhours, 311 RP, 7k p-credits, 5m bank credits, 111 gold ingots in inventory, 1m popcorn in OCD, 9000 BC in AM lvl 10 and you are in faction ExT.

If you warp now from EU to NA following will be the “new” HWS NA player:
223 playhours, 10 RP, 1k player credits, 3k bank credits, 1 gold ingot inventory, 1m popcorn in OCD, 9k BC in AM lvl 10 and you are in faction ExT.
Your ships from TiT will be automatically set to ExT.

BUT if you don’t have player on NA following will happen:
0 playhours, 0 RP, 1k player credits, 3k bank credits, 1 gold ingot inventory, nothing in OCD, no AM at all and you are in no faction.
Your ships will be set to public if they were set to faction before jump but still private if you set them to private before you jump.

Once you created a faction on NA it will be saved and switched automatically from then on.


Good luck on NA. I think there are even more scary factions than SWP :stuck_out_tongue:

This might happened because we bought a new NA server in a rush for some months ago and couldn’t get the backup ready in time.

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