My HWS Nightmare

Sit back, relax, and let me tell you the story of how a perfect storm of tragedy ruined your perfectly conceived starter plan…

First, I did everything I was supposed to, and more. I read all the signs in the starter station and followed the instructions very carefully. I saw all that lovely food, loaded up the food processor, and had it make all the good eatins I could, while I searched for the secret door and pieced together its code. By the time I looted every chest, the security bot, called down my supply package, and grabbed my food, my inventory and hot bar were completely full. (Though, being fairly new to MP, I was sadly not aware of the virtual backpack.)

So then I went to the “Very Easy” Federation-Cryo-X Swamp, thinking “I’ve been to swamps in Empyrion before - they are full of nifty bio-resources!”. Teleported there at night, then immediately took it in the wrong end by an alien something or other, and contracted an endo-parasite, which my huge collection of stuff had no cure for. “But hey, I crafted 100 snack bars, so I can just keep hopping along and eating bars and drinking juice while I look for the ores to make a Portable Constructor, right?” Well, 10 minutes later the endo-parasite upgraded to something much worse, and I promptly died.

“No problem, I’ll just spawn nearby, and get my stuff!”, the naive optimism in my inner voice reasoned. There was just one problem: the backpack the player drops when he dies does not have room for a full inventory, plus a full hot bar. So I lost that full stack of 999 Iron Ingots and all the Pentaxid, among maybe seven other less critical items.

So I’m desperately looking around for an Iron Deposit that hasn’t been completely defiled, when another player comes on and explains I can use egs:spawn (or some such) once, to grab me a free starter ship, complete with warp drive. Hazzah! I’m thinking, maybe I can get out of here without reaching level 20 or being lucky enough to find the materials for the SV warp drive, which I’d be even luckier to do before the Friday wipe.

So I spawn the thing and it lands upside down, making it inaccessible - but no big deal, I just dig it out, hop in, and flip it over. So then I’m thinking maybe I should stick a detector on it, when I realize the inside is HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE. So, knowing I’ve no Pentaxid to fuel the thing anyways, I decide to rip out the radioactive warp drive bits and stick them in its storage until I do.

Big mistake - cuz the guy who designed this did it in Creative mode, rather than Survival, and willy nilly mixed CV and SV parts. One of the warp drive bits I ripped out was a CV part, and thus could not be reattached.

So, fine, stick a detector on it, and go back to searching for Iron. I’m not entirely back to square one, right? Oh by the gods, so wrong. The thing has like 8 CV up thrusters and one SV down thruster, or some silly such, and thus is all but completely unpilotable in an atmosphere.

So, no Iron, no ship, not enough usable bits on this ship to make a proper one. Yeah, back to square one. Probably not gonna make it off world before the wipe.

Now, this tale of tragedy could have easily been prevented if any number of things had been slightly different. For example:
• One could supply new players with basic Ores instead of Ingots.
• One could simply give them a Portable Constructor outright.
• One could provide them a few of the “sacred four” medical items to prevent their unfortunate demise at the hands of alien STD’s. (Detox Kit, Decon Kit, Trauma Kit, and Bandages.)
• One could provide a starter ship that wasn’t designed in Creative mode.

To that last proposal, I present to you, “The Inflatable Space Raft”:


• Seats five full-sized Americans comfortably. (Or perhaps seven Europeans.)
• Completely unarmed and looks very innocuous (though I suppose there’s plenty of places to put guns on it, IF YOU’RE A DIRTY PIRATE).
• 10 Cargo Containers and 10 Ammo Containers, with suggested sorting, so yes, you CAN take it ALL with you.
• Eight refrigerators (similarly sorted), and eight oxygen tanks, for the hungry, breathing, and/or paranoid food hoarder.
• Fully oxygenated cabin with automated doors, ramps, and access to the cockpit.
• No radiation in the cabin (or anywhere around the ship, lest ya climb on top of the warp drive).
• Easily modifiable interior.
• Lights and spot lights, for those of us sick of living a universe constantly bathed in green.
• Zero to 50 in less than 7 seconds.
• Fairly maneuverable for its size and fuel efficiency. (~1hr flight time/4hrs hover @ 1G)
• Easily accessible, even if it happens to spawn upside-down.
• Looks silly enough that ya probably won’t wanna keep it!
• To add to that effect, literally made of cardboard!
• However, it does have two fuel tanks spaced well apart in “nacelles”, so it still likely will not be 1-hit by a stray rocket.
• Designed in Survival Mode, so no surprises.
(Downside: A bit big. Probably fit inside a starter CV though.)

So yeah, just thought I’d stop by and share all that. Wish me luck escaping nub land before Friday!

Though, I dunno. Should I fail, maybe I’ll just live on the starter world and make public helper bases with supplies to prevent a repeat of this tragedy once a week. :wink:


Hey man. Welcome!

I think your username and description of how bad things are is a bit unfair. You made the mistakes and being able to find iron is something you will be able to solve. Even though you didn’t realize that you could take 1-2 steps away from the warp drive to avoid radiation and still use the inside of the ship, its all good because the ship also gave you a constructor. You’ll be able to get the mats you need and get off that planet in time. =D

This is what the starting system is for, to get you used to the harshness of the server while also helping you realize the server will give you things the normal survival mode won’t.

But I’m not sure you should bother, or at least maybe consider that this will not be the last time that you lose things in this server, it also won’t be your greatest loss. You can easily fix your current issues but if you can’t handle the loss you’ve experienced, you may not have fun here. The server is about survival, problem solving, combat, trading, and raiding… You will experiences losses doing all of these thing. If you feel a need to name yourself HWSNightmares and write a long forum post over a couple of stacks of resources, save yourself and us all some heartache.

Otherwise, step up to the challenge. Get your iron, build yourself up, get off the planet and go somewhere like Sanctuary to get established… Then enter the insanely fun world of HWS fully.

Nah nah, it’s not like that, this is kind of a joke tale/suggestion combo. I’ll be fine, one way or the other, I’m sure (did finally find an iron despoit - just the first dozen I found had been mined down to ~1% by folks who don’t understand depletion meteors are a thing.) Could just collapse a POI for steel plates, as they regen anyways, but I’ve not had much luck finding them. Worst case scenario, from what I’ve read, I’ll be kicked off the world a few days after the wipe anyways.

The few other multiplayer servers I’ve been on haven’t had starter packs at all, so I have no real room to complain, but as it seems the host’s intention was to make absolutely sure the player could get off the starter world ASAP (providing a free ship FFS), thought I’d make some suggestions to ensure this, likely incredibly rare series of events, doesn’t repeat itself for some even newer and more easily discouraged player in the future.

As for the name, might be fun to come in with a hairy dog story of HWS trauma now and again. :wink:

Hello and welcome @HWSNightmares

I don’t see it that negative and be always interested in new player feedback :slight_smile:

The fa:supply is one package per week. So in 7 days nobody want Ores really.
If you are looking for Ores, I boosted every starter planet with more (Resource) Rocks. Just drill those (new introduced with Alpha 8)

If you follow the PDA Tutorial you would have gotten one for free. Otherwise you can craft it in your Survival Constructor (press TAB)

Some call it survival… always tricky to balance it.
But I agree that my current “Very Easy” starter biome is not really very easy :wink:
(HWS is overall above “easy”)

@Ju and I built the ship not only in Creative Mode. It is pimped like HWS Garage ships with CV components. Not really meant for a permanent living place. We will revisit the ship asap.

Pro Tip:

egs:spawn never spawns ships upside down. It maybe fell down and flipped. But even then no issue at all. Jump in and press and hold the O button to align it horizontally.

Maybe we can do a structure Tutorial section too some day :wink:

Overall I think you didn’t start on Prototype which would be a much funnier story I think :smiley:

Thanks for writing it nevertheless!
Since 3+ years I’m always looking to improve non-stop, which I will do here too.

Yeah, it flipped over on its way down, and the double cockpit was unreachable. Though as I explained to the other person who suggested this, O dun work so good when yer not in the ship. :wink: Minor inconvenience, given the free T-2 Drill, but when I made the Inflatable Raft, I kept it in mind.

But yes, I don’t really mean to dog on the server - it’s the best I’ve ever seen! :smiley: Just thought it hilarious how everything went so horribly wrong despite all the effort to spoon feed me everything at the start. I really doubt how often this combination of events happens.

Though I do think the starter quest fubared on me, stopped progressing at some point, and thus never got that free porta constructor.

edit: Come to think of it, it maybe it fell out of my inventory due to being full and I hadn’t noticed, as I did get beyond that stage, and exploded into tiny boxes a few times when it gave me rewards without warning. Otherwise, I may have fudged it up by crafting a Survival Tool before it asked me to.


Hmm true :grimacing: … there are some “tricks” around that.
In HWS Connect you can use some ship commands to align the ship in such “stuck” scenarios.

Yes, sometimes a lot of things can go wrong :wink:

Thanks overall.
In the end, it might boost your re-play motivation and make it better next season :wink:

Oh that is just sweet stuff right there. I can’t count the number of times I’ve screamed to my monitor “Eleon! Why you have no /unstuck!” :stuck_out_tongue:

…and similarly, yes, I’ve hopped out of my SV’s to find them just out of reach enough times that I’ve taken to keeping a small fleet of retrieval ships around on some games. Thanks for all your hard work.