My Milvus bugged on elysium

hi admins,

here my Milvus got bugged on entry in elysium
see screenshot.
thx for help

Is it in the Atmosphere area?
Use cb:getshipdown to get it back, if its not automatically warped soon by the tool.

tried the getshipdown command, did not work, it seems it’s near the green barrier, and the edge of the atmosphere :confused:

Did you try powering it down with registry, and getting close to it in another ship? should fall down.

Although looking at the screenshot, I have to ask, was it docked to another ship?


If you give me the ship ID ill sort it out for you if not resolved already :slight_smile:

i tried everything, else i would not come to the forum, it’s in last resort. The ship is invisible, like the game saying its here but my client don’t show it

thank you achilles, the ship id is : 22719028

You will see it where you logged off :wink:

Thanks for playing