My shio is hws faction and i don't have the id for the buy back

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What happened: my shio is hws faction and i don’t have the id for the buy back
Player(s) with issue: tito
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): Write here
Playfield: Write here
Structure Name(s): Zebedè II
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: i need to have the ID for the buy back

Walk up to it, hit ~, then type DI, look at the ship and you see the ID

HWS Connect’s Structure Manager should also have the ID

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hi, i have to write in server DI?

no, hit the tilde key, beside the 1 key, above tab

tilde key no have any effect

i hit the tilde key in game in front of my old ship and nothing happens

it should open a console menu

@RexXxuS will likely have to fix this then

sry, how can i open console menu in game?

with the ~ key, not having a chat menu or anything opened.

[quote=“Chaotic, post:9, topic:20286”]
[/quote] ok thans you very much. in Tab menu i have le id of the ship :slight_smile:

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i have th ID. now what i have to write?


ok i done it. but him tell me that i miss 137,214 bank coin

i have 790.000 cr

Ok mr. Chaotic i solved all my problem. i thanks you for the assistance :smiley:

I refunded the costs, since you have not much.

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oh thanks you :smile:. So the problem it’s full solved

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