My ship betrayed me

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What happened:
=> I was in the homeworld sector. I had been mining gold and erestrum for a few hours. Then i was suddenly removed from my cockpit and immediately killed by rockets. The text that followed was quite surprising “you were killed by Inexorable”. Inexorable, is the name of the ship i was piloting. I spawned a couple times at current location and was swiftly blown up by my own ship, so i spawned at home base where i could check the registry, where my ship was no longer listed. It was also no longer listed in Structure Commander on the HWS connect website.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Brynjar

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> approximately 13:22 I didn’t know to check the exact time when the incident occurred.

=> Homeworld Sector

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):
=> I cannot find the ID. It was no longer listed in my registry or on structure commander.

How can we help you now:
=> I lost a lot of material both in the composition of the ship as well as the contents of my backpack(where i had all the ore from the previous mining), and would appreciate it if they could somehow be returned. I’m also curious what happened so maybe I could avoid a repeat of this scenario.


you reached your structure limits. Therefore the ship was taken. Currently the game has a bug and warnings for it are not always send :frowning:

The warnings you got were:

“You are only supposed to have a Class 5 CV on Homeworld Sector. You have 7. Please lower your Class by 2: INEXORABLE (24961394), (Class:7 / D:572 /T:33459 /L:106), or they will be taken the NEXT time!”

I restored your backpack and als restored your CV close to you (should be yours again). Please make sure to check the structure limits.

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Thank you very much. Sorry I didn’t realize there were system specific size limitations. I just saw size 7 in the base rules. Now i see the specific list on the HWS Universe tab. Thanks again.

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