My SV disappeared on starter planet

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What happened?
=> My Small Vessel disappeared. He was standing on the starting planet Akua. I left the game for a while. I came back after about 10 maybe 15 minutes and after re-entering the game the ship was gone. This happened on 2021-09-01 between 20.00 UTC and 21.00 UTC

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> vaarduar

Server? (EU or NA or RE)
=> RE

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)

On which Playfield?
=> Akua

Structure Name(s)?
=> Xerios LF-1S

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now?
=> Can you tell me what happened to him? I am 100% sure that it has not been damaged. Can you bring it back?


I restored it.

The reason was: “Existed longer then 336 hours on ‘Akua’.”

On starter planets all structures older then 7 days get deleted. Please move out to the universe.

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14 days actually :slightly_smiling_face: It was changed a while back.

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